How Much This Billionaire Wants For Reparations Is Insane!


In June of last year, BET Founder Bob Johnson asked for a $14.7 trillion reparations package for 42 million African Americans.

Every African American in the United States today who is a descendant of slaves will get a one-time cash payout of $350,767 under Johnson’s plan.

During the pandemic, Johnson said that now is the moment to go big with his $14 trillion plan.

According to Johnson, the giant jump will solve today’s black community’s concerns.

“Wealth transfer is exactly what is needed,” Johnson said, adding that the $14 trillion will come from redistribution.

Robert Johnson, on the other hand, has become more urgent.

The millionaire and founder of BET want his $14 trillion reparations to plan implemented immediately.

From the VICENews reports:

“The founder of BET is pushing a $14 trillion reparations proposal he says would provide enough to close the giant Black/white wealth gap.

Robert L. Johnson, the founder of Black Entertainment Television and America’s first Black billionaire, wants a check. He wants it from the government. And he wants it to come with an apology for slavery, Jim Crow, and hundreds of years of racism.

The 75-year-old media magnate owns several homes, heads an asset management firm, and was the first Black person to own a majority stake in an NBA team. He doubts that check will ever come, but he sees a new kind of reparations—being called by a different name so as not be “divisive” or “controversial”—happening already.

The new “reparations” is critical race theory education, it’s the housing grant program in Evanston, Illinois, it’s the $5 billion of targeted support and debt relief for Black farmers, and it’s the $50 billion in corporate pledges in the wake of George Floyd’s murder dedicated to combating systemic racism and inequality. (Even though just $250 million, or 0.5%, has actually materialized so far.)”

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Sources: TheGateWayPundit , Vice