If You See A Wire Wrapped Around Your Car Door Run Away Immediately…


Attention all car owners! A new alarming trend has emerged, and TikTok users are doing their best to warn people about it. Reports have come in that some people are tying ribbon or wire around car door handles to signify something sinister. This trend has become so concerning that TikTok users are now actively warning others about the potential dangers of this practice.

The initial video that sparked the conversation was posted to TikTok by user Ice.Lemon.Water. The video showed a parked car with a ribbon wrapped around the driver’s door handle. The TikTok user wrote in the video: “WTF is this a joke someone better not get kidnapped” and captioned the post: “We thought it was a joke at first until we found the second one.”

Following this, another TikTok user named Reece, who goes by the username AChunkyGuy, provided his own input on the matter. Reece claimed that the wire is often used because it can distract the car owner for longer, giving the kidnapper more time to approach and abduct the person.

“If you see a ribbon or wire on your car’s door handle, you should beware and not approach the car alone,” Reece advised. “Tactics like this are being used in the U.S. prominently. People put stuff on your car to distract you for that split second so they can grab you before you get to your car.”

This warning has since been echoed by many other TikTok users, with some sharing their own experiences of narrowly avoiding an abduction. One user named Haley West shared a video where she noticed a water bottle left on the hood of her car. When she went to remove the bottle, a man quickly approached her, but she managed to avoid being abducted.

Despite the ribbon found by Ice.Lemon.Water being identified as the type used for tying balloons, many TikTok users are still urging caution. As Reece suggested, the best thing to do is to go back to a populated area and ask for someone to escort you to your car.

“I’m very disturbed,” one user commented on Reece’s video. “This happened to me. I called my friend’s mom, who’s a cop, and it turns out there was a tracker on my car… scary.”

It’s unclear how widespread this trend is or how many people have been affected by it. Nevertheless, it’s essential to remain vigilant and stay safe. If you find a ribbon or wire tied to your car’s door handle, it’s best to be cautious and ask for assistance. Let’s work together to keep our communities safe from these potential dangers.

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#stitch with @ice.lemon.water just in case, they tie the ribbon to your car door as a distraction so they can take you as you’re untying it.

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