Jill Biden Took The Stage, And They BOOED HER OUT OF THE BUILDING [VIDEO]


Who is REALLY running this country? Is it Joe Biden? Or it is his wife, Jill Biden? You see, it seems like Jill Biden is often leading her husband around like he is nothing more than a dementia patient in a nursing home. However, when she isn’t doing that, she also can often be seen lecturing American citizens who are uninterested in injecting a non-FDA approved COVID shot into their bodies and the bodies of their children and other loved ones.

Last Tuesday, Jill Biden made an appearance in the bright red state of Tennessee with country music singer Brad Paisley at a makeshift vaccine clinic in Nashville in an effort to encourage Tennessee residents the emergency COVID-19 shot.

Unfortunately, it seems that Jill Biden’s rallies are similar to her husband’s because only about 10 people showed up even though the bar next door was totally packed. The fans of Brad Paisley were NOT INTERESTED….they wanted to see Brad Paisley, not Jill Biden. When they arrived at the Old Smokey Distillery to hear him perform, they were sorely disappointed because they met Nurse Jill instead. She was trying to plead with Paisley fans to help Joe Biden reach his publicized goal of getting 70% of Americans vaccinated by the Fourth of July. Needless to say, it didn’t work out for her; she got booed instead.

Like many other southern states, Tennessee has one of the lowest COVID-19 vaccination rates in the nation.

The CDC reports that only 41% of Tennesseans have received just one dose of the vaccine so far, and that is the sixth-lowest percentage of all U.S. states. While that might be duly noted, Jill Biden getting booed off the stage is not going to help increase the vaccine rates. The talk radio guys in Tennessee are having a field day over this instead.

“The state still has a little bit of a way to go,” she told the crowd at a distillery in Nashville. “Only 3 in 10 Tennesseans are vaccinated.” This is when she ended up getting booed.
“Well, you’re booing yourselves!” Dr. Jill told them and then she proceeded to cackle uncomfortably.

One thing is for certain: if First Lady Melania Trump had been booed and then told the audience that they were just booing themselves, there would be no question that she would be front-page news in every liberal publication possible. When it comes to Jill? Nothing but crickets. She gets a pass because her husband is Sleepy Joe, and even though he’s more ready for a nursing home than the Oval Office, at least he doesn’t post “mean tweets” like his predecessor did. Oh brother…

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