Joe Biden Has Been Caught Again Getting Grabby With Little Kids..


We know how “Creepy Joe Biden” reacts whenever he saw a kid, I can still remember all those really creepy videos of him with the kids.

But you know, I always give him a benefit of the doubt knowing he’s already a grandpa, maybe it’s one of his so-called instincts.

I will sometimes try to give Joe Biden the benefit of the doubt when it comes to cozying up to kids. I try to think, “Well, he’s a grandfather, so maybe he’s just acting on those instincts…”

But knowing many women who’ve stepped forward and called Joe out for how his nuzzling and touching made them feel uncomfortable, it really makes me think about what kids really feel whenever Biden touches them.

His old creepy way is very well-documented, so whatever he does with the kids, it will somehow give us a negative impression of him – and that’s a real problem for Joe.


Remember? When Trump Jr. called out Joe Biden to “stop the unwanted touching and keep his hands to himself.”

I mean, he should have control over this “urge”, otherwise, many Americans will feel insulted by what he’s been doing.

Wayne Dupree has more of this commentary piece:

It doesn’t matter – thanks to his past, and all the videos and photos, and people who’ve spoken about how he invades their space, it just needs to stop.

So, you’d think his Handlers would have a talk with him and say, “Hey, Joe, I know you like kids, but some Americans think it’s a bit much, so just back off from hugging and touching them, and getting into their private space…”

I don’t know, maybe they have talked to him and he just doesn’t listen, because here he is in tornado-ravaged Kentucky, nuzzling up to this little boy in what many observe as a “creepy way.”


Here are some of the comments from folks online:

“Where are the parents? I don’t care if Biden came in front of my house, he ain’t touching my kid “

“Why are people letting their kids going near that man? Would you like a hug from that person?”

“The problem is the media are accepting it as normal?”

“Where the secret service and why can’t they stop him?”

“They don’t call him Pedo Joe for nothing.”

“It used to be just little girls but apparently now it’s any kid he can get his hands on.”

“I would never let my grandkids near that monster”

“If you wouldn’t trust your kids alone with this man, how the heck do we trust him with our country?”

“What is it with this man touching children??????? It’s happening so frequently, someone in his administration please tell him to stop, it makes him look like a pedophile and molester. I don’t care for him, but I do care for the innocent children he is unwantedly fondling.”

Watch BOTH videos below:

I will agree, it looks as if she’s “protecting” her brother from “something.”

Kids have good instincts and can sense things – good for her.

Source: WayneDupree