John Bolton Just Admitted On LIVE Television He Has Planned Coups!


On Tuesday, while discussing the latest Jan. 6 committee hearing, neocon bureaucrat John Bolton made a shocking revelation to far-left CNN anchor Jake Tapper that he has helped orchestrate coups d’état.

Former Ambassador to the United Nations and Trump National Security Advisor John Bolton is one of the poster children for the unelected bureaucrat grifter class. The man never misses an opportunity to embed himself into a presidential administration or influence the conversation on foreign affairs.

However, following an attempt by Tapper to get Bolton to throw Trump under the bus on January 6th protests, the leftist anchor failed miserably with his attempt. Bolton responded to CNN anchor Jake Tapper after saying that one doesn’t need to be brilliant to plan a coup.

“I disagree with that. As somebody who has helped plan coup d’etat, not here but other places, it takes a lot of work,” Bolton responded.

Watch the video below:

While the main plan was to make Trump look horrible and support the craven motivations of the sham Jan. 6th Committee, Bolton ended up revealing some inconvenient truths of his own.

Tapper then pressed Bolton further after his admission.

“I want to ask a follow up, um…when we were talking about what is capable– what you need to do to plan a coup, and you said your expertise having planned coups…” Tapper said.

Bolton: “I’m not going to get into the specifics.”

Tapper: “Successful coups?”

Bolton then said he “wrote about Venezuela” in his book.

Tapper: “I feel like there’s other stuff you’re not telling me.”

Bolton: “I’m sure there is!”

Watch the video below:

Infowars provided additional details:

Bolton has been deeply embedded in the U.S. establishment for decades, helping shape its foreign policy in the State Department, the White House, and the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID).

The mustachioed insider previously worked as President Ronald Reagan’s Assistant Attorney General, served as the State Department’s Assistant Secretary of State for International Organization Affairs from 1989 to 1993, the Director of the Project for the New American Century, the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations under George W. Bush, Assistant Administrator for program and policy coordination at the USAID, and later as the National Security Advisor to President Donald Trump.

Bolton rejected the notion that Trump’s action on January 6. involved a “carefully planned coup d’état aimed at the Constitution.”

“You have to understand the nature of what the problem of Donald Trump is. He’s — to use a Star Wars metaphor — a disturbance in the Force,” Bolton said, adding that the former president’s effort to overturn the election was “not an attack on our democracy” but “Donald Trump looking out for Donald Trump.”

Bolton made similar remarks on CNN in 2021, claiming that Trump wasn’t “capable” of staging a coup because it requires “advance thinking, planning, strategizing, building up support.”

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Sources: WLT, Infowars