Kamala Makes Hugely Embarrassing Gaffe That Proves She Has No Idea What….


How many more times must Americans suffer through a face palm as the vice president stumbles through another babbling session? It is hard to imagine the emotional pain this buffoon causes world leaders who must stand by smiling as she makes an utter fool of herself.

Not to mention the laughter they enjoy behind closed doors from mocking her incompetence every time she tries to speak like an adult. It’s also amazing that Kamala Harris’ handlers let her deliver any level of conversation on live TV which keeps them from editing out her stupidity.

The cackling clown of D.C. puked up another word salad this week when meeting with the Mongolian prime minister in talks about, wait for it, space exploration. Oh, you know what’s coming. She spit out a repetitive word salad that displayed little intelligence for the subject.

From Fox News:

“In particular, we will discuss the work that we will do together to strengthen our space cooperation,” Harris said. “What that means, in terms of your leadership and your vision for the future, and certainly, strengthening our space cooperation would be a part of that agenda — including, of course, using our space cooperation to think about how we strengthen the economic prosperity and development of our nations.”

The expression of, “What in the world did she just say?” on the face of the prime minister told the story. No one knows what Harris is saying when she starts mumbling away without saying exactly what is on the teleprompter. Repeating “space cooperation” so many times made her sound like a broken record.

She started the public display of ignorance by babbling about the three times she and Joe Biden each visited the Indo-Pacific region. She likely couldn’t find Mongolia on a map even if it was highlighted in neon lights.

The sad part is that the Mongolian prime minister clearly supports efforts to work with the United States to “promote tourism and trade, business and investment,” as Fox News reported. He holds America in high esteem as the “North Star on our democratic journey” since the country became a democracy.

And then the poor man had to sit there graciously listening to Harris who looked someone should pin an “out of service” sign on her. Any lights in her noggin don’t have the wattage to be a guiding beacon to any person or country.

This is the second time Harris has embarrassed herself when trying to talk intelligently about space. She simply doesn’t have the mental capacity to handle the requirements of her job as a senior level representative of the United States.

Maybe they should just launch her into space on a diplomatic mission. The problem is any intelligent beings would be disappointed when she greets them with uncontrolled giggling and cackling.