LEAKED Footage EXPOSES A Voter Fraud Factory!


A Fulton County Georgia election administrator admitted earlier this week that a chain of custody documents required by state law are missing from the 2020 election.

The corrupt Secretary of State in Georgia, Brad Raffensperger is ultimately responsible, According to the Georgia Star, an election official admitted for the first time that chain of custody records are missing in Georgia.

John Solomon and Just The News reported today, that a document audit found that over 100 batches of absentee ballots in Fulton County, Georgia are missing!

Is it for this reason that Fulton County officials recently hired top criminal defense lawyers to defend them?

At the State Farm Center in Atlanta, Georgia, election officials were discovered double-counting ballots, according to the 29-page report. After GOP observers were sent home, election operative Ruby Freeman was discovered tripe counting stacks of votes late at night at the counting center, via The Gateway Pundit.

Carter Jones, the author of the 29-page Fulton County report from November, also produced a 14-page study on election irregularities in Fulton County in January.

It also details several instances of voter fraud and a complete breakdown of the system, in this 14page document.

You can read the full 14-page document here: scribd.com

Carter Jones describes a counting center in chaos on page 2 of the report, with no proper control. At the State Farm Center, a chain of custody rules were entirely disregarded.

This was the state of Georgia’s largest ballot processing center.

TGP reported with video on anti-Trump ballot counter Ruby Freeman working alone in a private cube with trays of ballots, walking by open boxes of ballots, with NO ELECTION OBSERVERS IN SIGHT on December 4th.


The video and tweet were taken down from Twitter, but we were able to find it on YouTube and saved a copy.

On December, we posted video of what is described in the 14-page Carter Jones report.

Ruby Freeman boasts on her page about her “Shaye” being her boss.

Shaye and Ruby appear to be very close in a video that was recently uploaded.

The following are a few posts from Ruby’s Facebook page.

And, thanks to a Getty image, here’s a closeup of the woman in question.

“Wandrea Moss” is her full name.

Thank you for sharing this information, Gateway Pundit readers.

Ruby Freeman filmed herself entering the facility to count Georgia ballots, and the footage has now surfaced.

Ruby passes by several voting boxes that are just sitting around the room.

Each election worker was given each secret cube.

Ruby then walks over to her desk and pulls out a tray of ballots.

There isn’t a single supervisor or GOP observer in sight.

Leaving the ballots on her desk, Ruby then goes to take a break.

Unsecured votes and unlawful activity abound at the State Farm Center, this is suspicious activity.

On Election Day and into Election Week, Democrat operatives were conducting a voter fraud factory inside the State Farm Center!

Watch it here: Youtube/ Ele Zor

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