LEAKED: Here’s Alton Sterling’s DISTURBING DARK PAST That The Media Is REFUSING To Report

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Following the death of Alton Sterling on Tuesday morning in Baton Rouge, Louisiana – in which he attempted to reach for a gun in his pocket while being apprehended by police – the liberal media quickly began telling a story about racial injustice and police brutality.

What they did not mention during this narrative was that Sterling had an extensive criminal history, with charges ranging from domestic violence to child molestation.

Court documents revealed that in 2009, Sterling became involved in a wrestling match with a police officer after the officer attempted to pat him down. During the altercation, a black semi-automatic gun fell out of his waistband.

And in 2000, Sterling was imprisoned for getting a 14-year-old girl pregnant. The then 20-year-old Sterling had been dating the victim for about seven months and having sexual intercourse with her in her bedroom.

“The charging document says he admitted to the mother to having sex with her daughter and exhibited an ‘I don’t care’ attitude,” the report alleges.

After serving his sentence, Sterling then failed to register as a sex offender and notify the court of his change of address.
He also has charges of attempting to distribute drugs, illegally possessing a firearm, and even breaking into a woman’s home.

The bottom line is Sterling has a long history of being violent and unpredictable. While many questions remain about the shooting, one thing is certain, police had good reason to approach Sterling with caution.
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0 thoughts on “LEAKED: Here’s Alton Sterling’s DISTURBING DARK PAST That The Media Is REFUSING To Report

  1. I think that too many people are so excited and need something to rally around that they concentrate on one aspect, black man shot by police. The media does not mention that the man “was high on PCP”, or had a “suicide by cop” wish. They also don’t mention the extensive criminal record nor that the 16 year old was 6’4″ and 300#.
    When the media starts reporting the truth and not sensationalizing a man’s death for their own career, then maybe the “oppressed” people will realize that the “whitey” cop was justified in shooting. Maybe they will realize that more whites are killed by cops than blacks, but whitey’s life doesn’t matter. Some say that those that say ‘all lives matter’ are racist using a table of food and one person didn’t get any, and because nobody gave this one person food, that some is racist is stupid. If you were eating at my house you would get fed just like the rich man, poor man, white man, gay man, Hispanic woman, Asian couple, the baby, and all the children playing together. Are they colorblind or have they just not been taught not to trust that person? Yes that person not of the same shade of skin as yours. Close your eyes, and everyone looks the same. Some of us are taller, some short, some dark, some light, some skinny, some obese, some smart, and some not so smart. That is what makes us all unique from each other. You accept your friends faults so accept faults of everyone else. Be they green, purple or blue, accept them for who they are not hate them just because they are not the same as you.

  2. The media is the biggest part of our problem. We have the same “Breaking News” for a week running. We have no journalists anymore, just hacks and arm candy. This racial problem didn’t just start. It’s an attitudinal problem. We visited my brother in Topango Canyon Ca in 1968. We were all standing in the yard and this individual of small stature walked up to my 6’2’brother. He made some stupid accusation of my brother being racist and I will never forget his reply. He said “you know, I didn’t pay any attention to the fact that you were black until you mentioned it”. Everything they do is centered around the fact that they are black and they get in your face about it and dare a response. Every comment they make is an accusation. Ignorance is running rampant with these folks and they make no attempt to correct their deficiencies. A friend and I rescued a darling little girl from a home situation where the father was in prison, mother was a prostitute and this child was trying to live with an ill grandmother. We helped her with her homework and got her to a point where she was accepted into a private high school in the south on a scholarship. She graduated with honors and now has slipped back into the same sordid background that she grew up in and has two children and no husband. It’s not because they lack the mental capabilities, it’s because they don’t put forth the effort to succeed. It’s just a lot easier to live on the dole, no effort required. The blacks have their own organizations, no whites allowed. On the other side of that coin, the same type of groups exist on the white side where everyone can participate. And we’re the ones who are racists. Quit patronizing these fools. Born in the USA, you’re an American. Not a black-American, just a plain vanilla American. Same with hispanics and anything else you can dream up. Stop with the boulder on your shoulder and get in line with everyone else. You’re nothing special. Some of the remarks made by Michelle Obama at these graduation exercises were disgraceful and the same is true for her husband. They have single handedly done more damage to our race relations than anyone else I can think of. Time to get our heads out of the a**e* and start trying to make some kind of contribution to the country.

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