Lecherous Feel Story ‘Legitimate’ To Talk About

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The nasty new sexual assault allegation brought by one of Joe Biden’s former Senate staffers is “legitimate to talk about,” Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tells her followers. AOC doesn’t really care if the story that the lecherous Senator allegedly grabbed an illegal feel in 1993 is true or not. She’s miffed that Socialist Bernie Sanders isn’t the last man standing on the Democrat side of the aisle. Biden is way to moderate for AOC, so the controversial New York lawmaker couldn’t help throwing gasoline on the fire.

Of course it’s legitimate

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez threw Joe Biden under the bus politically, and she did it without batting either one of her bugged-out eyes. “I think it’s legitimate to talk about these things,” AOC insists. If Democrats want to have “integrity,” that comes with a little “inconvenience.” In this case, it’s very inconvenient to Biden.

Appearing on an an online women’s forum on Tuesday, AOC took a question from a follower who can’t stand President Donald Trump, but “really resents the fact that the other choice is someone who has a really long history of being creepy to women.” The remark comes as rumors swirl around the nation that Biden sexually assaulted one of his female Senate staffers back in 1993. He already apologized for touching her inappropriately. His campaign insists that he didn’t actually assault her.

AOC promised to back the nominee, and she will, but she wanted to be backing Bernie. Since it looks like Biden is going to lose to Trump anyway, she wants to get a little revenge, without actually stabbing him in the back. “I think a lot of us are just in this moment where it’s like, how did we get here?” They started with the “most diverse field that we’ve ever seen.” Now they’re back to an old white guy who isn’t going to give away free stuff. “We’re kind of back, kind of replaying old movies in a way.”

Biden known for being ‘creepy’ to women

All along the campaign trail, Biden has been dogged by “creepy Joe” moments. It got to the point where they had to keep a spray bottle on hand to cool him down as required. He admits he has a problem keeping his hands to himself. What former employee Tara Reade has to say takes that to a whole new level.

The basic story that Reade has been telling on the talk show circuit is that she was told to drop off a gym bag to Biden, not in his office but in a hallway between buildings along his route. When she got there, it was virtually deserted. After she handed him the gym bag, it was one “fluid moment.”

She doesn’t remember what they were chatting about but suddenly, “I was up against the wall.” She claims vivid memories. “I remember the coldness of the wall. And I remember his hands underneath my blouse and underneath my skirt, and his fingers penetrating me as he was trying to kiss me and I was pulling away. And he pulled back, and he said, ‘Come on, man. I heard you liked me.'”

Reade’s story has numerous inconsistencies but Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez doesn’t mention those. She simply allows her audience to find him guilty by association. Since the question is “legitimate” then the charges must be also. The only problem is that to AOC, Biden is guilty until proven innocent.

In a lot of important ways, Reade’s story doesn’t add up. Most importantly she waited 27 years to file assault charges. Biden is standing on his right to remain silent but his campaign assures voters that “This absolutely did not happen.” Reade came forward in April of 2019 along with seven other women to accuse Biden “of inappropriate touching, hugging or kissing.” None of them “described his actions as sexual assault” and Biden issued an apology.

Mark Megahan
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