Liberal Loudmouth John Legend Just Got Proved A MAJOR Hypocrite!


After John Legend’s recent COVID tweet gets thrown back in his face… he now looks like a buffoon.

Well, I guess COVID-19 doesn’t mess with sophisticated celebrities, because CNN, the New York Times, and other liberal outlets claimed that Barack Obama’s birthday party was safe and fine because all the guests were “sophisticated.”

While Obama’s guests are freely enjoying their party, ordinary Americans are forced to stay home and away from our friends and family.

In fact, we have to wear our face masks all the time. What about Obama’s guests? We are told that these people won’t spread germs because they are sophisticated. Are you relieved?

We are peasants, right? Try to be more sophisticated. This will keep you alive. Really?

Try to be as sophisticated as John Legend and his wife. Online bully Chrissy Tiegen must be really sophisticated. Teigen is so sophisticated that she bullies others into suicide.

Well, one particular tweet is coming back to haunt the famous couple.

Last week, Legend took to Twitter to say that unvaccinated or unmasked individuals shouldn’t attend large gatherings. He warned everyone to protect themselves and their families.

The singer wrote this tweet on August 2, around 3:30 p.m.

A few days later, Legend and the bully attended a mask-free superspreader at Martha’s Vineyard.

Here are the folk’s comments online:

“We’re hearing all this worry over breakthrough cases, but now this is okay?”

“Those TX Dems were all vaccinated too”

“Those outdoor tents were like indoor rooms.”

“The elites will always have a million excuses what they do is ok and what you do is not”

“the people telling us to change our lives never seem to change theirs. why is that?”

There’s a different set of rules for the elite. They can do whatever they want because they’re smarter and more “sophisticated” than you and me.

If there’s one thing COVID has done, is it’s shined a very bright light on the “class warfare” going on in this country.

There are the elites and the peasants and nothing in between.

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