LIBERALS SUING PRESIDENT TRUMP For Exercising His First Amendment Rights!


What a shame. Another lawsuit has been brought against the best president America has ever had.

Chinese American Civil Rights Coalition has filed a lawsuit against the best president for calling the coronavirus the “China Virus”. They say that this term has been causing harm to Chinese Americans for defamation and infliction of emotional distress. They are suing Trump to pay roughly $22.9 million. That’s $1 for every Chinese and Asian citizen in the U.S. They say they want to use the money to build a museum.

Trump shouldn’t have used that term because “it’s not entirely clear where the virus originated.” The battle has never been over where the virus originated. It has been about whether it originated in China in a natural environment or the Wuhan lab. The overwhelming evidence is pointing to the Wuhan lab in Wuhan Provence in China. There is no disputing this fact, but propagandists continue to push the lie.

In January, Biden issued an executive order banning the usage of the term “China Virus” to federal agencies and public health documents and resources. Simply, this lends legitimacy to the claim from the left.

This lawsuit is only pushing for more evidence that the “China Virus” originated in China when we already know the truth. This is just another form of harm towards President Trump when in fact, he is right.

Watch it here: Youtube/ABC News

Sources: 100 Percent Fedup, TMZ, ABC News