Hillary Furious as Linda Tripp Returns, Reveals “Beyond Chilling” New Hillary Info


For those of you old enough to have been politically aware in the 1990s (sorry millennials), you may be familiar with former Clinton White House staffer Linda Tripp, who rose to infamy in the liberal media due to her involvement in the Monica Lewinsky scandal.

Tripp recently took part in a lengthy interview with Breitbart reporter Aaron Klein, during which she recalled many of the various Clinton scandals that unsurprisingly seemed to foreshadow some of the Clinton’s more recent scandalous behavior.

She opened up about what she had seen regarding the aftermath of Vince Foster’s death, as well as Travelgate, Filegate and the Whitewater scandal, with one common theme seemingly connecting them all together — a lax attitude on the part of the Clintons regarding classified information and security issues.

Tripp began her career in the George H.W. Bush White House, which she noted followed strict protocols regarding security and the handling of classified material. That changed when the Clintons arrived, as they had a “cavalier, loosey-goosey, this isn’t important, don’t be a prude” attitude toward handling sensitive materials.

“Because I would often bring up the fact that this had to happen. That this was not a luxury. This was a necessity. And classified material is just part and parcel of working in the West Wing of the White House on a daily basis,” she explained. “So there was sort of a disregard for any of the rules. They certainly didn’t apply to them. And that was startling.”

One example Tripp shared was the process by which individuals working in the White House would gain security clearances, which typically was an arduous process that took upward of 90 days to complete before the individual could begin working.

“Now in the Clinton White House it was a year before I would say 95 percent of the senior advisers to President Clinton and their support staff in the West Wing even filled out the paperwork,” Tripp said.

One of those who may have benefited from the lax attitude regarding security clearances was a former bar bouncer named Craig Livingstone who somehow became the director of the White House’s Office of Personnel Security, said to have been hired directly by Hillary Clinton.

“So the notion that this former bar bouncer was the chief of White House security was beyond chilling to anyone who knew how that office (had) functioned in the previous administration,” she said.

Livingstone was directly involved in the Filegate scandal, which had to do with the Clintons wrongly accessing classified FBI files on their political opponents in order to learn secrets to be used against them in the future.

“I don’t think sensitive material — or classified information, for that matter — was something they considered at all. And I know that is a strong statement to make,” Tripp stated. “But I believe that what was more important to Mrs. Clinton was control. Control of the information flow. The ability to smear those who would speak against them. And the ability to control the message.”

“So classification wasn’t a big deal, and I think you can see that and what has happened just this past year with what happened at the state Department. It is really just a continuation of a pattern,” she added.

Tripp also spoke about observing other White House staffers under Hillary Clinton’s guidance sifting through materials in Vince Foster’s office following his death, before it was secured as a potential crime scene.

She further recalled that even then Hillary Clinton’s top aide Cheryl Mills was instrumental in many of the scandals, seemingly always there to clean up any messes and protect Clinton, something that apparently has continued even to this day.

All of what Tripp recalled seemed to connect seamlessly to today, as the Clintons remain surrounded by scandals only of a different name now.

“The Clinton’s embody a culture of corruption,” Tripp said.

Sadly, that corruption and lackadaisical attitude regarding classified and sensitive material has continued, only now the stakes are higher in our interconnected global world full of cyber-hackers and shadowy corporate or foreign players in the Clintons’ game. All of which places our nation at great risk should the Clintons be permitted to return to the White House.

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  1. How much MORE proof that the clintons have been corrupt for decades and they are STILL corrupt today do we have to show before people wake up and admit that hillary-killary is a corrupt liar and a total sack of SH–!!!! We want NO MORE clintons in the white house!!
    Trump 2016!!!

  2. Yes she recorded conversations illegally. Why do they keep talking about the 90’s? So Bill is running again? You would have thought with all this proof there would be one conviction. Just one. Makes one wonder how incompetent Ken Starr, Darrell Issa although he has spent more time in court than most. Finally there is Howdy Gowdy the boy from Deliverance. Since when do 8 years in the Senate make 30 years in government. Even when you add the term as SOS still nowhere near 30 years. Why are Cons so bad at math?

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