Lindsey Graham Has Been EXPOSED As Biden’s Bagman!


We have been saying over and over that Lindsey Graham is not someone that it is a good idea to put any trust in him at all. Just look at him for crying out loud, he is the definition of the flip flop.

Graham acts like that one member of the family that we all have. You know, the one that will side with whoever they need to side with in order to get whatever they need. I hate people like that, and so should you.

There is no reason why anyone like him should be in any kind of powerful position and to be honest, the idea that he was ever a true Republican makes me laugh because he was clearly just playing one on television.

‘Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) joined Maria Bartiromo today on Sunday Morning Futures.

During their conversation, Maria Bartiromo challenged Lindsey on why he did not do more to expose the Obamagate scandal, ahead of the last election, when he had the power to do so.

He doesn’t answer and goes on to waffle about “I’m not a prosecutor”.

That wasn’t the question.

This was not the first time Maria confronted Lindsey on his broken promises to the American people.

Maria confronted Lindsey Graham back in May over his lies.

In his response, Lindsey Graham told the Sunday Morning Futures audience, “Well I’m not a prosecutor. I told you this like ten thousand times. It’s not my job to put people in jail…

Maria Bartiromo: But, you had subpoena power. You had subpoena power.

Lindsey Graham: Look, we called McCabe. We called Comey. We called everybody…

This was another Lindsey lie. Lindsey Graham promised to call in several Deep State officials to testify which he didn’t. Then he promised to call in witnesses after the Horowitz report was released.

Then he promised to call in Hunter Biden to testify. In the end, it was all a lie. Lindsey called in a few witnesses and treated them with kid gloves.

It is obvious he took the helm at the Senate Judiciary Committee to run the clock out and to try to win re-election, which he did with the help of President Trump. And he did just that. Releasing his 11 interview documents is months too late and just for show. 

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