A Muslim man is suing a popular pizza restaurant in US after it served him pork pepperoni rather than halal pepperoni.

Mohamad Bazzi filed a $100 million lawsuit against a Little Caesar’s pizza after allegedly serving him a pork pepperoni rather than halal pepperoni.

He ordered two halal pizzas twice from Little Caesars branch in Dearborn, Michigan.

The boxes were labelled halal but were topped with pork, a food which is banned under Islamic law, USA Today reported.

His lawyer, Majed Moughni, said he has since filed the lawsuit, the day before Ramadan began, so other Muslims wouldn’t accidentally eat pork from the popular pizza shop.

According to Bazzi, he ordered a halal pizza and took it home to eat with his wife. After a few bites of the food, Bazzi said the couple realized they were eating pork. Three days later, Bazzi went to the local police department to file a complaint, saying he was “defraud and wondered how many other people may have been unknowingly eating ‘pork’ sold as halal.”

Bazzi returned to the restaurant later to order another halal pizza, but was ultimately given pork once again. Both his receipt and the label on the box specified “halal.” The manager confirmed that it was pork, but claimed that Bazzi asked for regular pork and instructed a halal sticker be put on the box.

Bazzi refutes this, saying he asked for a halal pizza.

The restaurant issued a statement to Fox 29 following the incident and acknowledged what happened.

“Little Caesars cherishes our customers from all religions and cultures, and the communities we serve are very important to us. While we can’t comment on pending litigation, we take this claim very seriously. At this time, we believe it is without merit,” the statement read.

The class action suit was filed for $100 in both punitive and economic damages.

“This country and any privately owned busines is not here to cater to the individual,” one reader commented on Facebook. “They sell a product buy it or dont. But get of your over privlaged horse or go somewhere else.”

“As with any place you order something make sure you tell them what you want nit assume ita their responsibility for whatever reason being religious or allergy related,” another reader wrote. “Man dont deserve a penny.”

“If I go into Starbucks I order my coffee with soy milk why because I know I am lactose intolerant,” another added. “Can anyone tell I am by looking at me? No! So if you want halal that’s the way you should order it. Case closed. Oh you can always leave and go to a country where all the food is hala that is an option.”

“What a crock!” said another. “If y’all are so picky about what you eat then eat at home. It’s interesting that some people don’t know how to use a toilet and wipe their nasty butts with their hands and that’s okay think eating pork is nasty. Smh.”

H/T: MWNAmerica Now