Major Auto Company FIRING Anyone Who Won’t Get Vaccine!

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Well, it’s no surprise that Joe Biden’s latest mandates will force Americans to take the Covid vaccine shots. It was his advocacy ever since he was installed in the White-house.

All thanks to Biden, he just gives more reasons to woke companies to fire their employees.

And to make things even worse for regular Americans, most employers adapt Biden’s mandates immediately and threaten to fire employees who won’t get vaccine shots. Cox Enterprises is one of them.

With thousands of employees at stake, Cox Enterprises will start forcing every employee to take Covid Vaccine shot.

The company is requiring that employees in certain locations be fully vaccinated by October 18, a company spokesperson confirmed Friday. Cox made this announcement even BEFORE Joe Biden’s tyrannical use of yet another gov entity (OSHA) to attack freedom.

Linsay Vanhulle of Automotive News reported:

Cox Enterprises, which includes dealership technology unit Cox Automotive, set an Oct. 18 deadline for employees in certain locations to receive full vaccination against COVID-19, with some exceptions.

Cox Automotive’s parent company will require employees in some of its locations to be vaccinated against COVID-19 by mid-October or face termination, Automotive News has learned.

Cox Enterprises, which includes dealership technology unit Cox Automotive, set an Oct. 18 deadline for employees in certain locations to receive full vaccination against COVID-19, with an exception for approved religious and medical reasons, the company said Thursday in a statement provided to Automotive News.

Atlanta-based Cox declined to disclose the company locations covered by the vaccine requirement or specify how it will determine what qualifies as an approved exemption.

“We will continue to follow the guidance of federal, state, and local health officials to assess our markets as the situation evolves,” Cox said in a statement.

Meanwhile, an FAQ from the Cox family of companies was shared on Twitter dated Aug. 26, the documents show a detailed policy on how the company will rip its employees if they won’t take a Covid vaccine shot.

Automotive News confirmed that they obtained a separate copy of a letter sent to employees signed by Cox Automotive President Steve Rowley and Chief People Officer Michele Parks.

According to the outlet, “The documents noted that employees covered by the requirement who are not fully vaccinated and who have not received an exemption by Oct. 18 will be subject to a separation process that will not include severance pay, subsidized COBRA health coverage or paid outplacement services. Automotive News confirmed the documents’ authenticity with a person familiar with the plans.”

“Employees will be given a two-week notification period after which they will be separated,” one of the documents states. “If during this period an employee decides to be vaccinated and submits proof of having completed the first shot, the separation date will be suspended and the employee will be allowed an additional four weeks to obtain proof of full vaccination. If the employee does not complete the full vaccination, the employee will be separated.”

Cox Enterprises, in a recruiting post on its careers page, wrote that as of Oct. 18, “we will require anyone wishing to work in or visit any of our highly concentrated administrative offices – including our Atlanta campus and surrounding buildings – to be fully vaccinated.” It was unclear Friday which locations would not require vaccinations.

Cox Automotive owns multiple retail brands, including Autotrader, Kelley Blue Book, VinSolutions, and Manheim. Wholesale auction provider Manheim has 111 auction locations, including 76 physical sites and other mobile and digital locations, in the U.S. It was unclear Friday whether the Manheim locations are included in the vaccine requirement.

Cox Automotive employs more than 27,000 people globally.

Now, more companies confront the thorny question of how to get their employees to take the Covid vaccine shot.

Recently, General Motors Co. join the bandwagon of employers forcing employees to take Covid vaccine shots. The company required all U.S. salaried workers to report their Covid-19 vaccination status.

“With the rapid spike in COVID-19 cases across the country, vaccines are an important step to protect the health and safety of our employees, families, customers, and communities,”

Not all companies share the same views, and this company stands their ground against Biden’s forced vaccination mandate. 

Local, family-owned Legacy Auto Auctions are not requiring employees to be vaccinated. Owner Rocky Hauhe (who’s grandfather started St. Louis Auto Auction which was subsequently acquired by Manheim) states that he believes business and government should stay out of people’s medical decisions. “It’s their body, it’s their choice. Who are we to threaten our employees and their families out of fear of a virus or an overreaching government.”

When we reached out to Rocky Hauhe, and asked “will you be requiring vaccines and or masks for customers?” He had This to say: “Absolutely not. We allow our customers to make their own decisions regarding those matters.”

It should be noted that Legacy Auto Auctions is located in St. Charles County, Mo where there have not and will not be any mask mandates according to local reports.