Male Terrorists Caught After Getting Drunk and Dressing in Bikinis for Beauty Contest

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Police managed to arrest seven members of a terrorist group after the men got drunk and participated in a bikini beauty contest, police in Colombia said.

Police said that undercover agents managed to infiltrate the Ejercito de Liberacion Nacional terror group, which is committed to overthrowing the government.

There are about 3,000 members across the country, and they operate mainly in small groups. The terror organization funds its activities by engaging in kidnappings, ransoms, extortion and drug trafficking.

Two intelligence officers infiltrated a terrorist camp in the jungle and attended a party with about 20 fighters. One afternoon, the terrorists began dancing and drinking.

Around midnight, several men dressed in bikinis and bras appeared as part of a jungle beauty pageant.

After the fighters became drunk, the intelligence officers alerted the police who raided the camp and arrested seven senior terrorists.

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