When Mom Delivers Her Baby, Something Never Before Seen Happens…And It Was All Caught On Camera


If you ask couple Alicia and Randy if they thought they ready for their birth of their baby daughter, Neveah, they would tell you that nothing could prepare them for what happened on the day Neveah was born. Due to complications, Dr. Sawyer of Glendale, Arizona, recommended to Alicia that she undergo a C-section birth so that Neveah could be safely born.

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As Dr. Sawyer was pulling Neveah from Alicia’s womb, however, the strangest thing happened. Dr. Sawyer shouted, “Hey, she’s [Neveah is] grabbing my finger.” If you look at the below photo taken during the C-section, you can definitely see a little hand grabbing on to Dr. Sawyer’s finger.

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Randy, who was standing by and watching during the the C-section process, immediately saw what was happening and took a picture. When he posted the picture on the Internet? It went viral. Although spirituality and medicine often times don’t mix, even the medical team that was in charge of Alicia’s birth believe what they witnessed was a miracle of life.

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Alicia wrote about the event, “Truly amazing. I am in awe of this photo. Something to remember forever.” I can only begin to imagine how treasured of a moment this will be in Alicia and Randy’s family. I hope when Neveah grows she’ll realize the significance of this moment.

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