Mom Wants To See Her Newborn. When She Opens Up The Blanket? She’s SHOCKED


November 2014 will forever be an unforgettable month for Chad and Lauren. Two very special things happened that month. The couple welcomed their daughter, Everly, into the world in November. The day after, another incredible surprise happened.

On the day after Everly was born, the entire family gathered together in Lauren’s hospital room. Everyone was eagerly anticipating Everly’s arrival, but Chad had an ulterior motive. He had a special surprise hidden up his sleeves. The entire family was in on the act, except for Lauren.

Lauren was handed baby Everly, who was wrapped tightly in a blanket, by Lauren’s aunt. She told said that Everly had a dirty diaper that needed changing. As Lauren unwrapped the blanket, she was stunned by what she saw inside.

There was an incredible surprise written on Everly’s onesie. Watch the video to see what Dad had written for Mom. It’s so touching!

Source: New mom’s surprise marriage proposal one day after having baby by ChadMcDevitt on Rumble

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