Islamic RADICAL Calls Police And Waits To Ambush Them…KILLS Woman Police Officer. Where Is The Media?

When Deputy Katie Barnes responded to a call and entered the apartment stairwell, she didn’t expect to be greeted by an AK-47. But there Mohammed Abdou Laghaoui with the weapon hand, and he opened fire, hitting her in the stomach.

Reports indicate that Mohammed’s brother had called the police to his family’s Landen, Ohio apartment, reporting that Mohammed had threatened to kill him & his father. Barnes responded to the call, and talked to the family, who ultimately decided not to press charges. Barnes was called back after Mohammed punched his father in the face.

Deputy Barnes parked her cruiser out of sight, and proceeded up the stairs. That’s when Mohammed appeared. Barnes had no hope of finding security when Mohammed opened fire, though she did back up and return fire.

Though Barnes suffered a shot to the stomach, he was able to climb a wall and call for backup. Another deputy heard the gunfire and pulled into the apartment complex. He found Barnes and was able to get her away from the scene.

Mohammed also opened fire on his neighbor, Jason Ratliff, who had gone outside to see what was happening. Ratliff dove to the ground as Mohammed fired once more. Somehow, he was able to escape without injury.

Mohammed was captured alive. Bail is set at $2 million and he is being faced with charges of attempted murder and felonious assault.


0 thoughts on “Islamic RADICAL Calls Police And Waits To Ambush Them…KILLS Woman Police Officer. Where Is The Media?

  1. Why do you lie in your headlines and say that she was killed? your article plainly states she was wounded only. Trying to generate better ad revenue?

  2. please do not prosecute Mohammed….It will worry Obama and his sleep will drop from 11 hours down to 10 3/4 hours for at least one night….a Genius like him needs his sleep

  3. WOW, what a misleading headline. First and foremost, my thoughts and prayers go out to the officers family and friends on their loss.
    Secondly, the Islamist did not call to ambush the officer as the headline implies nor was there any indication (in the story) that he was a radical, just a nutter.

  4. Freaking headline says the cop was killed. Artcle says she survived. Which one is correct? I think this muslim family should be eradicated from the face of the earth and I mean all of them, Mother, father, brothers, sisters, uncles & Aunts, all cousins,Grandparents. kill them all.

  5. How was debuty Barnes turned from she to he at one point of the story? Why headline says officer killed and then Mohammad faces charges of “attempted murder”? This story seems like a lie and bad journalism 👎

  6. This is only the beginning folks, the Muslims are going to murder one by one until there is a group like Orlando and take out a lot of people all at once. How in hell can we stand by and let this whole bunch of trash take over????

  7. Your story is inaccurate. First of all that deputy was not shot in the stomach. Second she is alive and well.

  8. American Journal Review. I despise Islam and the terrorists that evolve from it but please get your story straight. Office Barnes was not killed. She was grazed in the abdomen and treated and released from the hospital. I retired from law enforcement in this county and am aware of what happened that night. It’s important to get the facts straight before publishing an article to maintain integrity when reporting these criminals.

  9. She wasn’t killed by the shooting. If you’re going to report the news, make sure it’s accurate. Yes, it’s bad that it even happened and anyone was shot but get your facts straight.

  10. Get him in prison and throw the keys away he does not deserve to even live

  11. Kills Woman Police Officer???

    Because Of His Name And Race You Want To Call Him A Terrorist… SMDH!!!

  12. badly written or edited……headline says she was killed, story says she was shot but taken away by another officer…..ending says the suspect is charged with “attempted” murder…..did she survive or not ??

  13. The officer got lucky and is OK and how do you know for sure that this pos is a jihadist?

  14. Headline reads like officer was killed, but criminal only charged with attempted murder. I don’t like to be mislead.

  15. Why has he got bail when he has murdered a Police Officer and attempted to murder his neighbour….doesn’t sound right to me…..


  17. You have a misprint. The officer did not die. One shot hit gun belt and the other GRAZED her stomach. She did not die.

  18. The headline says she was murdered then says she was shot but got away. The offender is charged with “attempted murder and felonious assault”. Now I’m doubting this story is even real.

  19. This is journalism at its worse! I would like to know where you get your facts at! If you’re going to public a story with someone’s name in it the very least you could do is get the story right. This whole article is bogus!

  20. So an actual assault weapon which is illegal to own was used and the MSM is silent about this.

    Guns laws did not keep this muslim from acquiring this ILLEGAl assault weapon.

  21. According to every other media outlet article, Katie Barnes is still alive after having been released from the hospital. Please fact check before you sensationalize. And correct this article to the actual truth.

  22. This story is stupid. Number one, the officer hit was not badly wounded and survived. Number two, she was a female….even in uniform its pretty easy to tell the difference.

  23. He DID NOT KILL HER—-yes he did ambush and shoot her —– she is at home recovering——and yes the slime ball is in jail———-get your story straight

  24. Exactly. I wish all of these faux journalism websites would go away. No integrity whatsoever.

  25. AK47s are not illegal to own as long as they are not able to go full automatic. I can go to a gun store about 6 miles from my house and legally purchase an AK47 or other variants of Russian/Chinese military rifles. I do own a Russian SKS which is the forerunner to the AK. High cap mags and same type ammo.

  26. I used to be a journalist and always fact checked my news releases before they went to the editor. Problem today is that most bloggers are not trained journalists and a lot of them have no integrity .. therefore sensationalized inaccurate articles are posted to the internet. I will not forward shoddy, inaccurate pieces of misinformation to my friends and family .. they deserve better than that.

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