NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodell, is FINISHED


Thanks to Roger Goodell refusing to make standing for the national anthem mandatory, numbers are way down while his salary is way up and fans are furious.

Recenct income statistics show Goodell is the highest paid person in all of the NFL with a whopping $212 million dollar yearly payout. Current contract extensions are underway but after the dramatic loss of viewers thanks to protesting during the national anthem Goodell ‘s financial prospects aren’t looking to good, in fact, unemployment sounds more like it. As commissioner of the NFL, Goodell is responsible for any political nonsense players may present, such as showboating in the touchdown zone, and while that was deemed as unacceptable, this kneeling rubbish has been permitted? How many fans must protest before these ridiculously overpaid members of the NFL figure out that the result of this behavior will directly reflect on either their bank accounts, or as in Collin Kaepernick’s case, their careers?

Via Liberty Writers:

According to Real Clear Life, the NFL has not responded well to the controversy. This includes a delay on a contract extension of Roger Goodell, according to ESPN.

“The anthem issue has overridden everything — and I do mean everything,” a source told ESPN. Total viewership has dropped by 7.5 percent compared to last year.

Many people are pissed that Roger Goodell takes a $212.5m salary as well.

In all reality, there is absolutely no reason someone with such little worth to the actual playing of football, such as the players who could possibly sustain life altering injuries, should be making anywhere near that much money when the American economy is in the toilet. Completely ridiculous.

0 thoughts on “NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodell, is FINISHED

  1. Absurd salaries, people. Fans need to wake up to this ridiculous payout of salaries while the fans keep supporting them. There needs to be a complete shakedown of this and other major sports and start over with decent salaries, and decent ticket prices. And no more taking the knee. Find another way for your chip on the shoulder protests.

  2. The government needs to stop building
    the stadiums these assholes play in.
    After all, it is taxpayer money.

  3. The National Anthem rule is in the rule books, and states why, and since the rule is being overlooked the why is taking over. In other words don’t mess with the American people and their beliefs in liberty, freedom and the National Anthem which is the pride of America. If you do, you can go from the best to the worst with in weeks. The American people are not crying out for justice, thus Trump being elected, NFL football being overlooked, etc. We are tired of being forced to political correctness, when the people who are claiming it are doing the destroying of everything Americans have built up during the past 200 plus years. You are either with us or against us, if you are against us, you better leave or get ready for the fight of your life, or in this case, your high style of living we have given you, because we can quickly take it away.

  4. Colin cancer is still spreading and it serves no useful purpose, it will not change a damn thing, other than stop the cash flow to the National Felon League and the owners. Anyhow people, it’s just entertainment and damn we should be able to find other entertainment. So let’s keep putting the squeeze on the wallet’s.

  5. Goodell is the DUMBEST person in sports. He nearly single handedly “killed” NFL by not severely fining Kaepernick. About 200 MILLION people either have been in the military, know someone who served, or are just plain Patriotic. 200 MILLION vs about 1600 NFL thugs and 1 INCREDIBLY STUPID commizssioner

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