IT’S ON! Nicki Minaj SLAMS Melania Trump, QUICKLY Finds Out She Messed With the WRONG WOMAN!


Nicki Minaj is about as classless as it gets. At her concert in New York Saturday Night, Nicki called out Melania Trump on stage using language you would expect from someone like her.

“You n**gas are so fucking weak, ya’ll got the audacity to be intimidated by a bad motherf*cking queen and get your motherf*cking feelings hurt,” Minaj told the crowd. 

“Because Barack needed a Michelle, bitch. And Bill needed a motherf*cking Hillary, bitch. You better pray to God you don’t get stuck with a motherf*cking Melania. You n—as want brainless b—hes to stroke your motherf—ing ego? Well, f—k you n—a!”

Nicki tried to walk her comment back by tweeting that Melania seemed nice, but then insulted her again by saying,


Nicki immediately found out the hard way that you don’t attack our next first lady!MILLIONS of Trump supporters swarmed Nicki’s Twitter and Facebook page and put her in her place!



Many of the responses were too explicit to post, but you get the idea. The truth is,  Nicki Minaji wishes she had even an ounce of the class and intelligence Melania Trump has. If she did she would be smart enough to keep her disgusting mouth shut!


0 thoughts on “IT’S ON! Nicki Minaj SLAMS Melania Trump, QUICKLY Finds Out She Messed With the WRONG WOMAN!

  1. Too many of America’s entertainers think they can do better. They don’t realize that once they say it, it can’t be unsaid. They have no understanding of how the hell the gov’t works. They also lose fans when the concert becomes a political venue. Had I been at that concert, I would have demanded my my be refunded. I would want to be entertained and not T a political rally.
    It is my suggestion that anyone that was at her concert that she turns into a political rally, demand a refund. After seeing her paid admissions leave demanding a refund she might learn to STFU and stick to entertaining.

  2. if you were expecting any kind of entertainment from that bitch, you have your own issues to worry about, Tokar.

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