DO NOT THROW AWAY YOUR VHS TAPES!: Each One May Be Worth Up To $10,000 BUCKS!


But it’s now time to get these VHS tapes out of their boxes. Why? Because they could be worth a lot of money.

Reports say there are rare editions of Disney VHS films that could sell for unbelievable sums of money. While some may cost $1,000, others may go all the way up to $10,000. It’s crazy to imagine, especially since we bought these VHS tapes for $10-$20 back in the day.

Why exactly are these VHS tapes worth so much?

For some collectors, some Disney movies are really priceless, especially those that come with odd artworks, covers, or other distinguishable marks like the black diamond.

Disney VHS Tapes - 1


If you happen to notice a black diamond on the case of your Disney VHS tape that says ‘The Classics’, you’re lucky. You could have a special edition that may be sold for $250.



An older edition of The Little Mermaid is worth $6,000 because it features artwork that was later banned.

Disney VHS Tapes - 2


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