Obama To Illegal Aliens: GO VOTE. Don’t Worry, I’ve Got Your Back (BOMBSHELL VIDEO)


The following video of Barack Hussein Obama must be viewed to be believed.

The ‘President’ is guilty of treason.

The ‘President’ is a traitor to the U.S. Constitution and the American Republic.

This President must be impeached post haste.

There is no other way to deal with this Manchurian Candidate.


0 thoughts on “Obama To Illegal Aliens: GO VOTE. Don’t Worry, I’ve Got Your Back (BOMBSHELL VIDEO)

  1. This president is a stupid fuck!!!. Illegals are not to vote. They are not even considered citizens!!!!. One has to go through a process to become a citizen!!!!. Our president is a worthless fuck!!!

  2. Bullshit, the girl is a citizen and obama is talking about her voting, You cannot vote without a voter registration card which you cannot obtain unless you are a citizen. at no point did he say that illegal aliens should vote.

  3. President Obama is a arrogant Evil Traitor..There is so much evidence agsinst him.He is guilty of numerous counts of Treason. He is Now actually showing us his hatred for America, its people and the Constiution he vowed to uphold. .Obama if he isn’t Arrested ..will continue to do as much harm as possible before he leaves office in January. Be assured if Hilary is elected her administration along with Bill living with her in the Whitehouse have already agreedvwith Obama to bring about a Socialist controlled government and Sharia Law . Her administration will force gun control and religious worship, that is why Obama has built dozens of Fortress Fema Camps across America. The reality of what will happen if permitted if Our Military stands down and obeys Hillary will be devastating in its brutality of what her administration will enforce. However If Hillary steals this Election she will not be able to govern, due to rebellion and she would have to be protected constantly more then mere security agents. If Trump Pence win..The Clintons and The Obamas must not be allowed to flee the United States. In my personal views I do not see a harmonious transition of power of office to Donald Trump.. I believe Obama and his corrupt administration and The Clintons are capable of anything. .they are pure evil and Hate America.

  4. The story about President Obama telling illegal aliens to vote is totally false. Bogus. Video purporting to support it was heavily edited to mislead. And you fell for this nonsense? Check it out for yourself; it’ not hard to do. Almost as easy as childishly hurling insults at the President.

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