OHHHH HILLARY!: Judge Just Put the SMACK DOWN on State Department With This DEMAND – SHE’S IN TROUBLE NOW!

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The Hillary Clinton e-mail scandal shows no signs of going away anytime soon. That’s partly thanks to the state department, which just made plans to release 15,000 more e-mails.

A few day ago the FBI uncovered 15,000 more Hillary Clinton documents that weren’t previously disclosed by her lawyers.

The Clinton camp is “not sure” what they contain.

Now, a judge has ordered the cables to be released next month.

From The Hill:

The State Department must start releasing the additional 15,000 emails uncovered during the FBI’s investigation into former Secretary Hillary Clinton‘s private server starting on Sept. 13, according to Reuters.

The date is a full month earlier than agency officials had hoped to begin the release.

State Department officials confirmed the existence of those emails to a federal judge on Monday. They also predicted they would need until Oct. 14 to review the documents to determine which were work-related and to prepare those for release.

The new emails, turned over to the State Department by the FBI, are the latest revelation in the Clinton email saga that has dogged the Democratic presidential nominee since last spring.

Hillary’s not going to be happy about this, but let’s be real. If the e-mails already released haven’t stopped her campaign, then there’s not much of a chance that these new e-mails will. It’s sad, but true.


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