One Country Using Surveillance Cameras To Punish Anti-Maskers!


There are some people that just don’t need to wear masks, and the idea that you should have to wear one all the time is just lunacy.

When you think about it there are just as many reasons why someone shouldn’t have to wear one.

That being said, that isn’t going to stop governments from eventually using this as a way of controlling us and getting us to do pretty much whatever they want. As a matter of fact, it is already happening.

A new surveillance system that detects whether individuals are obeying coronavirus mandates has been implemented in the northern Israeli city of Or Akiva, YNet News reported.

Or Akiva has seen experimental monitoring systems pop up in popular locations throughout the city over the past few weeks, according to YNet News.

The technology is able to detect face masks, social distancing and overcrowding.

The system feeds live video to a control center that catches any violations without needing a person to monitor the camera’s feed.

If non-compliance is detected, a PA system alerts the public of the issue. If further action is required, there are measures in place to call law enforcement, according to Security magazine.

Shlomi Segev, director of the Municipal Authority for the Prevention of Violence, Drugs, and Alcohol Abuse, said that the system was introduced in partnership with Israeli law enforcement with the goal of preventing violence and vandalism and enforcing health guidelines.