Oops! MSNBC Accidentally Reveals Trump Paid Almost DOUBLE What Bernie Paid Percentage Wise

US News

Feel the Bern!

On Sunday WikiLeaks tweeted a request to worldwide hackers to release President Donald Trump’s tax returns after counselor Kellyanne Conway told ABC Trump will not be releasing the controversial files after all.

Well, last night MSNBC released the numbers of Donald Trump’s official 2005 tax forms….

It was everything the left hoped it wasn’t.

As it turns out, Trump Paid Almost TWO TIMES THE RATE socialist Bernie was paying.

According to sources:

Businessman Donald Trump paid $38 million on $150 million in income in 2005.

Socialist Bernie Sanders paid only 13% according to his 2014 tax returns.

Sounds about right.

Via Tucker Carlson Tonight:

And what does the MSM have to say about all of this?



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