Orlando Victim Reveals Absolutely Chilling Thing The Killer Did While Firing 4 Shots Into Him

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For the past few days, Americans have been struggling to process the tragic mass shooting in Orlando. Social media has been flooded with social media users offering their thoughts and prayers to families and friends of those who were injured or killed in the devastating attack.

 The FBI has already released preliminary information suggesting that Omar Mateen was motivated by his Muslim faith. Agents have been desperately investigating details that could help to prevent future violence. Dozens of victims transported from the students will help in the process, piecing together the events of the tragic night.

Norman Casiano, who suffered from four gunshot wounds in the incident, has already publicly revealed his experience.

The victim told Fox News Channel’s Peter Doocy that he hid in a bathroom stall as the gunman slaughtered club-goers all around him.

“He never spoke from when I was there,” Casiano recalled of the shooter. “He laughed when he was shooting inside of the stall. It was just like a laugh of satisfaction. Like, I’m getting done what I came here to do, and it is imprinted in my head forever.”

Casiano claims that he dove to the floor as soon as he heard gunshots, following what he had seen on TV. He then military crawled to the bathroom, where he hid in a stall with about 30 other people.

He recalled “seeing everyone’s face of just genuine fear” all around him. Everyone kept their silence, and the shots became louder.

“Outside you could just hear bullet after bullet after bullet after bullet just going off as it got closer and closer to our stall,” he commented.

Please send your thoughts and prayers to the victims and all of those affected.

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