Pelosi Scrambling After Trump Calls Her Impeachment Bluff



Nancy didn’t think Donald would bite – now she’s getting nervous!

Nancy Pelosi, watching her impeachment scheme crumble before her eyes, launched a Hail Mary.

She had the gall of “inviting” Donald Trump to testify before the House over his own impeachment hearing.

Really? Trump has been accused of a laundry list of things that shouldn’t qualify for impeachment, but not once have they given him a chance to properly defend himself.

They haven’t even revealed the identity of the whistleblower who started it all.

Now, they think they can turn the tables by forcing Trump’s hand. Obviously, Pelosi thought Trump would decline.

So I doubt she expected this answer from him.

From Twitter:

“…I like the idea & will, in order to get Congress focused again, strongly consider it!”

Woah. President Trump called out Pelosi and the do-nothing Democrats. They spend all their time on impeachment, instead of covering important issues facing our country.

Such as the big trade deal, rebuilding our infrastructure, lowering drug prices, and so much more.

But Trump throws a curveball when he said he’d strongly consider testifying before the House impeachment hearing.

This is pretty unprecedented. The House is supposed to gather evidence of a president’s wrongdoing. Then, if the evidence demands it, vote on impeachment.

A real trial then takes place in the Senate, where the president can build a defense.

The fact that the House is requesting Trump to testify during their own hearings, shows they probably have nothing.

It looks like Pelosi said this, hoping Trump would say no. Then the news would hype it up as “proof” of his guilt.

She was not expecting him to say yes. What are they going to do now? If Trump testifies, he will answer under oath he did not do anything wrong.

It will destroy the Left’s game beyond repair.

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