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A Muslim woman was caught on video threatening to bomb America and trashing homosexuals at LAX the day after the Orlando terrorist attack.
Citizen journalist Tony Vera captured the video.

muslim terrorist lax
Before boarding flight she threatened to bomb America.

Via David Michael Lynch:

One day after the Islamic terrorist attack in Orlando, a Muslim woman showed up at the Los Angeles International Airport, making terror threats. The news media was silent.

Journalist and cameraman Tony Vera captured police questioning a Muslim woman at the airport and searching her luggage, but finding nothing wrong, they released her and let her continue on inside the airport.

Vera stopped her as she walked past him, and that’s when she let lose again, with verbal terrorist threats against America.

“F*** America,” the woman said. “I will make sure we bomb America. You wait and see!”

She ranted on for several minutes, and eventually police arrested her again at the ticket counter, this time for real. The video has been turned over to the FBI.

0 thoughts on “RELIGION OF PEACE: ISLAMIC WOMAN at LAX Threatens to Bomb America

  1. I got the impression that she knows more than she is saying ….in the video
    She was so certain of her knowledge America will be bombed..we all Will see she said…

  2. mass psychosis, how come human beings can be this much fucked up under the name of god? nobody has the right to take other people’s life. I would rather abandon any religion against humanity. nowadays believing in anything or god or whatever is a crime against humanity. Can we live without god? why do we need religion? because all human being has fear of unknown.If you don’t have fear, you don’t need religion. Any religion is for the people who fears, religion is for coward and pussies….

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