Sad Little Traitor Bill Barr Is Running For Cover!


Former Attorney General Bill Barr reportedly sent President Trump a letter asking the former president not to investigate the crimes and corruption that occurred in the 2020 Election in that state. Trump revealed this last week at Texas CPAC.

The said letter came from the former US Attorney for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, William McSwain – it was then released by President Trump on Monday.

The letter contains the following from McSwain:

After the revelation, AG William Barr seeks help from the far-left Washington Post to run cover for him.

He disputed the claim which he told him to stand down from investigating the numerous allegations of election fraud.

However; it did not change the fact that Barr did not do anything to confront PA officials from illegally changing the election rules without legislative consent, he did nothing to allow GOP observers into the voting center as they manufactured a million votes for Joe Biden following the election and didn’t do any actions to follow up on the USPS contract drivers who went public about the trailer loads of ballots they were instructed to ship into Pennsylvania from New York City.

When every piece of evidence gives very solid facts it is hard to believe what Bill Barr is disputing.

Trump’s spokeswoman Liz Harrington  reported this pathetic move via The Palmieri Report:

Why do weak RINOs always run to WaPo to spin their side of the story? They’re all the same! Bill Barr ordered McSwain to give election fraud investigations to the Democrat anti-Trump Attorney General, who is now blocking an audit of the results Democracy dies in darkness!

Below is the content of the letter from the former US Attorney in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania:

Letter to President Trump by Jim Hoft


View the letter here: Scribd/Letter

Sources: The Gateway Pundit, The Palmiere Report