SAVAGE: Father Allows His Eight-Year-Old Daughter To Hunt A Deer And Eat Its Heart

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*Warning this piece contains graphic images*

A father has caused outrage after allowing his eight-year-old daughter to take a bite out of a deer’s heart after her first ‘successful hunt’.

Johnny Yuile and his daughter went hunting in Hawke’s Bayin in New Zealand last weekend and the moment was captured in a photograph that has now gone viral after he posted it to social media.

 He said that Chloe had ‘taken a bite from its warm quivering heart’ in a post to the NZ Woman Hunters Facebook page.

“Check out my little pink ninja princess Chloe with her first deer – a young stag. Shot in a bush block on a friend’s farm last weekend,” Johnny wrote.

Image credit: Facebook

The post has amassed over 20,000 shares with most of the commenters criticising him, with some describing his behaviour as ‘psychopathic’.

Johnny has also since said: “This is just the first time she has shot a deer. She’s been coming out with me since she was eight months’ old with a front pack.

‘”She loved it. There was a bit of walking for her. We stayed the night and got up early and hunted most of the day.”

Despite an overwhelmingly negative response to the photo, others have defended the dad’s action, saying that biting the heart of your first kill is an old hunting ritual.

He said that the negative response didn’t bother him and his daughter told New Zealand website that she thought her first deer hunt was ‘really cool’.

“I thought it was really cool because I like hunting with my dad and we can get some meat for my family,” she said. “I like crumbed meat.

“I saw my uncle bite the heart so I thought I might bite it too. It tasted quite nice.”

Johnny has defended taking his daughter hunting, saying he takes firearm safety seriously and that he only hunted for meat.

The NZ Woman Hunters Facebook page has since been shut down.

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  1. don’t call people savage because there is a girl eating animal heart, people have their own believes and we should all respect it.

    stupid whitetrash americans

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