Senator Paul Has Fired Back At Fauci And It Is A Bullseye!


On Tuesday, Sen. Rand Paul blasted Dr. Anthony Fauci in an interview, as the quintessential example of a liberal elitist who looks down upon the average American citizen.

Following a heated exchange of Paul and Fauci on Capitol Hil, in which he accused Fauci of the nation’s top infectious disease and that is expert of lying to Congress, left a frustrated Fauci shaking with rage.

Paul told the podcast host Brad Polumbo about the sincerity of Fauci’s motives that he doubted it more than he did at the start of the pandemic.

Here’s what Paul said, “In the beginning of this, I said repeatedly that I didn’t question his motives, that I thought his motives were good. I still think his motives are good, but I actually am starting to question the sincerity of what he’s doing, and that it’s not all for the betterment of mankind.”

Paul believes that Fauci has been “covering his ass” since late July 2020, based on the information from the trove of Fauci’s private emails that Buzzfeed made public in June.

According to Paul, “He became very alarmed that this could have come from the lab, he was getting reports of gain-of-function research, and he circled the wagon with this Peter Daszak, and they did come together privately through email to talk about how to put the best spin on this.”

“So I do think that he’s been giving us shades of the truth from the very beginning, but I also think that he is predictable as an elitist, people on the Left believe they know better than you and they think that the common man’s too stupid to make their own decisions, so these decisions need to be made by their betters. And I truly think that he believes that he knows better.” Paul continued.

The Republican Senator added that Fauci is “okay with lying because he thinks the lie is for the betterment of mankind,” and that he “calculates what the people need to hear and he tells them that regardless of whether it’s true.”

Extrapolating Paul’s insight, Polumbo asked him what Fauci’s “hubris” suggests about other self-professed experts, such as those in the White House and Silicon Valley who consider themselves qualified to squelch what they deem “misinformation.”

Referencing economist Friedrich A. Hayek‘s idea that economies function best when knowledge is dispersed among many different people, Paul said such a principle also holds true for science and other areas.

“We now have a groupthink on COVID because Fauci controls all the funding,” Paul observed. Noting a similar situation exists with government funding of climate change research.

Paul then warned that the silencing of dissenting voices threatens to expand into other issues, “So climate change or alarmism was the beginning, the COVID…regime is the next, but it gets worse from here if we’re not careful.”

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