Meryl Streep Gets Some Serious Back Lash After Attack President Trump

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What ever happened to celebrities sticking to what they do best? Pretending to cry and laugh and say the lines someone told you to say. Politics is clearly not their forte, and I can’t stand anyone who takes their opportunity to receive an award as their political speech to talk about sh*t they are clueless about. America responded as any patriot would. BOOM!!!

VIA| Like any good Hollywood libtard, Meryl Streep used her moment on stage to trash Donald Trump and all the Americans who voted for him.

While accepting her lifetime achievement award at the Golden Globes on Sunday, Streep attacked Trump over what she said are his views on foreigners and the press.

“So Hollywood is crawling with outsiders and foreigners, and if we kick them all out, you’ll have nothing left to watch but football and mixed martial arts,” said the actress, in a clear elitist jab at “Middle America.”

She went on to regurgitate the ridiculous claims that Trump is going to deport all foreign-born Americans and revoke freedom of the press.


Streep said Trump’s victory had left her “screaming in lamentation,” and that she had literally cried over the fact he will be our next president.

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  1. Disgusting that she would act like this!!! Trump has never said he was going to kick ALL FOREIGNERS out of the country,only the ILLEGAL ones!!! I think Meryl and all her idiot actor and actress friends who are so worried and whing about Trump winning fair and square should pack up and leave the country themselves. I have never seen so many whine ass babies in my life!!!Trump won ,suck it up ,and show the man the respect he deserves as the POTUS!!! In 4 years you get another chance to vote him out!!

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