Seriously? Obama Allows Staff Two Weeks To Mourn The Results Of The Election


President Obama has given his staff at the White House a time frame for their post-election mourning.

Hillary Clinton the inevitable didn’t actually live up to all that hype, so naturally, her fans in the West Wing need some time to “heal” from all that pain.

The Hill reports:

In a conference call with Democratic National Committee (DNC) members, the president heaped praise on Clinton and her historic candidacy and said it’s understandable to mourn an unexpected loss to Donald Trump.

Obama added that Democrats must then dust themselves off to work on rebuilding their fractured party.

“We did not get the results we wanted, but we took a step in shattering a barrier that’s still there,” Obama said. “That doesn’t mean we don’t hurt or was an unexpected loss.”

“I was telling my team you’re allowed to mope for week and a half, maybe two weeks if you really need it,” he continued. “But after that, we gotta brush ourselves off and get back to work.”

From the looks of these recent photographs, though, some staff members may need longer than 14 days to grieve the fact that the glass ceiling won’t be breaking. Obama’s speech in which he congratulated Trump was met with blank looks, downcast faces…

I understand that to Lena Dunham, and those like her, this was a crushing and unexpected defeat. But perhaps, President Obama, his staff, and others on the Left don’t understand the electorate like they thought they did. Plenty of voters who ushered him in to two terms changed sides completely this time around, and voted for Donald Trump, instead.

Either way, for the next two weeks, the White House will be the most exclusive safe space in the country.

Pull it together, kids.


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