She Had A Wardrobe Malfunction Live On The Air, And It Will…


I have seen a lot of Mexican weather girls on YouTube, and one thing I noticed is that their wardrobe is slightly more…revealing than weather girls in the U.S. According to one woman, many of them do it purposely to get more views.

But Susana Almeida probably wasn’t aiming for the view count when a section of her newscast went viral after the pants she was wearing during one show rode up and created a “camel toe”. Viewers didn’t seem to have any issues with it, in fact, that video circulating the net is one of the reasons Almeida is famous today!

For the first half of the presentation, she was holding a remote control in front of her, covering the unfortunate wardrobe malfunction caused by her tight pants. Once she started giving the report and moved the remote control away from her pants, she was totally exposed. She must be so embarrassed.


However, the beautiful brunette appeared completely oblivious to the trouser mishap and carried on with her reporting duties with a beaming smile on her face.

After posting the embarrassing moments on youtube, it went viral like wildfire and prompted a mixed bag of comments from viewers. And young men all over the globe have kept this video on repeat ever since…

“This was no accident… She got what she wanted, everyone to notice and talk about her. She knew she had a camel toe, and turned to show it off,” one viewer commented on a Facebook page.

“How about this! Its was NO MALFUNCTION She knew just what she was doing when she got dressed that day,” another added.

“All women have them. Nothing to be embarrassed about. She knew how she looked and prolly said damn good. I won’t flaunt it but I sure won’t hide it either. Rather have a camel foot instead of a bunch of junk down there that guys have to worry bout gettin hurt,” one viewer commented.

“What exactly is the malfunction. She is [doing] her job and some peeve zooms in on her and posts it? Grow up, she’s a beautiful Woman and whether she was aware of this, or even considered that this would be worthy of this, who cares?” another viewer added.

Watch it here: Raiden74/Youtube

Sources: OpposingViews