Sheriff’s Warning Makes Bold Statement To Feds: Stop Harassing Us Or We Will Arrest You’

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When Indiana Sheriff Brad Rogers received the information that a local and loyal milk farmer was being harassed by feds on numerous occasions, he decided it was time to step in. Not only did he tell Obama to BACK OFF, but he told him if he continued to harass the farmer, he would arrest him.

Obama’s DOJ ran away with their tail tucked. Check it out.

Another win for America’s patriots!

According to Right Wing News: He told the feds in no uncertain terms that if they came back and came after this farmer again, they would be charged and arrested.

Guess what happened next? They backed off.

As Terresa Monroe-Hamilton of RWN reported, the Sheriff emailed Obama’s goons:

“I understand that you have made recent requests to (the farmer) for documents and to appear before a grand jury, and he has had a number of inspections and attempted inspections on his farm within Elkhart County. This is notice that any further attempts to inspect this farm without a warrant signed by a judge, based on probable cause, will result in federal inspectors’ removal or arrest for trespassing by my officers or I. In addition, if any further action is taken by the federal government on (the farmer), while he is in Elkhart County, I will expect that you or federal authorities contact my office prior to such action. I will expect you to forward this information to your federal associates, including the FDA.”

Shortly after the email was sent, the farmer received a certified letter from the DOJ that said his grand jury subpoena had been cancelled. No federal inspectors have visited the farm since that date — 2 years ago.

And this Sheriff is still standing between citizens and the feds. We salute him.


From Freedom Outpost:

The US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) and Department of Justice (DOJ) took the actions four years ago simply because the farmer was providing raw milk to an organic food co-op. The story is receiving renewed coverage because the Indiana sheriff, Elkhart County’s Brad Rogers, wrote a 600-word explanation for a local newspaper as part of his “Ask The Sheriff” series. Off The Grid News previously reported on the dispute.

“Specifically, the FDA was inspecting his farm without a warrant as much as every two weeks,” Rogers wrote. “Typical inspections occur annually. The Department of Justice (DOJ) had subpoenaed him for a grand jury in Michigan in which he was to bring his production documents. The Feds wanted to make this farmer an example.

“My research,” Rogers added, “concluded that no one was getting sick from this distribution of this raw milk. It appeared to be harassment by the FDA and the DOJ, and making unconstitutional searches, in my opinion. The farmer told me that he no longer wished to cooperate with the inspections of his property.”

More from Rogers:

“Your local elected officials … can stem the tide of federal overreach if they apply just a little backbone in supporting and defending the Constitution. Expect it! Demand it!,” Rogers wrote. “Some bloggers and natural food writers have hailed me as a hero. I’m no hero. I’m just doing my job. Whether you are conservative or liberal, I will be a guardian of the Constitution for you, and will not stand idly by while the rights of citizens of my county are trampled, whether by criminals or an overreaching government.”

Sheriff Rogers said that raw milk is safe and he, his parents and his grandparents drank it, and have done so for generations. This same Sheriff took a stand for the Second Amendment as well:

THIS is the way the states and its officials can stand up to the tyranny of Barack Obama’s federal gestapo, on everything from guns to EPA overreach. Way to go, Sheriff Rogers!

[Sources: RWN, Freedom Outpost]

103 thoughts on “Sheriff’s Warning Makes Bold Statement To Feds: Stop Harassing Us Or We Will Arrest You’

  1. HOW ABOUT ENFORCE THE LAWS WE HAVE instead of PRETENDING they don’t work? 80,000 people attain illegal firearms….44 of them actually get prosecuted. Politicians are being told NOT to enforce the laws obviously so that it makes it appear we need MORE laws! Good job Sheriff! If ALL Sheriff’s had this much backbone. PRESENT this to the Sheriff in your community!

  2. I would like to salute Sheriff Brad Rogers for standing his ground with Obama and the Feds. Thing’s are getting out of hand and “We the People” need the backing of Sheriffs all across our Country because we can not do much without there help. Sheriffs have more power then most people realize but one thing I don’t understand is “why” don’t the United States Marshalls don’t all get together and have Obama and his cronies arrested for Treason. The Constitution was written to protect us all against someone like Obama and this guy keeps ignoring it.

  3. If countries that cherish freedom could canonize saints, this Sheriff Brad Rogers would be my first choice, along with Sheriff Joe Arpaio in Arizona, of course.

  4. I live in St. Joseph County, Indiana – right next door to Elkhart County, Indiana and I TOTALLY support Sheriff Rogers!! I am glad to hear that one of MY County Sheriff’s is tough enough to stand up to the idiotic bull that is coming out of Washington DC – namely from our president. Bless you sir!!

  5. My hat is off to this Sheriff for his stand in supporting this farmer. Hopefully this trend will continue across this great Country. I was raised on raw milk, organic garden fruits, and vegetables. In my opinion, raw milk and organic fruits/vegetables are better for a persons overall health and well-being than the homogenized, pasteurized, and dna-altered items that pass for food now-a-days. In fact, scientists are beginning to find that a lot of the food allergies that have reared their heads in the recent decades are caused by these altered (non-organic) foods. Of course this information is being suppressed by the FDA and other alphabet-soup-named organizations due to political pressure. Of course I’m not surprised, since money talks and everything else walks.

  6. This sheriff is going to wined up dead or “disappear” or “commit suicide ! Look what this administration has done to others that oppose them!

  7. John i my advice is go to the John and flush yourself down the toilet. Trolls arent safe when we know who you are

  8. I was raised in a small town outside of Portland, OR. in the ’40’s and ’50’s and was brought up on raw milk and there is nothing wrong with me as a result of drinking it and the law never got involved with the farmer that supplied it.

  9. Yes! He and his family have been drinking that milk for years. It is in the article, sir!

  10. I can only assume that either you didn’t read the article, or you’re just too stupid to comprehend what you’ve read. He stated clearly that he and his entire family have been consuming the milk from those farms for generations and have never had any issues.

  11. “Sheriff Rogers said that raw milk is safe and he, his parents and his grandparents drank it, and have done so for generations”

    Did you actually read the article ??

  12. We have got to stop government over reach! They are trying to close the road to my house that has been a road since 1890!

  13. suicide by cop..He got what he wanted..The POS should have stayed in his own state.

  14. Proud of you Sheriff Rogers. I lived in Indiana and worked for a large chemical company. Raw milk has always been sold in that part of the state. Never heard of a single person becoming ill.
    My family of 8 drank raw milk , always, and never became ill from it. Thousands of Americans did the same and still do, because rural Americans do not buy milk from the store if they milk cows.

  15. Wheres the state! They are required to use nullification. None do. So wheres the big problem? All of them. Get rid of all vote libertarian,independent,write in,green party

  16. What an awesome man. I worked for the Sheriff in Pinellas County, Florida, and I wish he had half the guts that Sheriff Rogers has! Our Country needs more REAL men like him in office!

  17. common sense jonnie, they’ve been harassed for years and given the feds documents. wake up man.

  18. Wouldn’t it be great if all our sheriff’s had this much backbone and actually stood up to the Feds. Congrats to Brad for doing the right thing and protecting his people !

  19. If I was the federal government I would have had the sheriff snatched up in the middle of the night and he would have been waking up the next morning in a prison cell in some third world country never to be seen or heard from again .

  20. If the sheriff would have written a formal request I would have respected that , but having some local Bozo threaten to arrest or in any way to lay a hand on a federal officer would be crossing the line for me if I was the federal government .


  22. You obviously did not read the whole article or you would have seen “Sheriff Rogers said that raw milk is safe and he, his parents and his grandparents drank it, and have done so for generations.”, that’s how!

  23. My hat goes off to this shetiff! Great job in protecting the rights of the “legal citizens” and hardworking people of this Country!
    Our government has grown much too large, much too intrusive and much too powerful.

  24. it has nothing to do with the president each state has their own laws and there was probsbly some communication gap it happens a lot but it’s not Obama’s fault

  25. Really, where did you get those statistics,according to BOATFE 30,000 to 40,000 try to get weapons illegaly undoubtedly it probably is higher. Since this really has nothing to do with this particular case, why would you insert it here.

  26. Isn’t that a great example of our freedom. You should be punched in the mouth you anti-American POS

  27. Actually, the ultimate law enforcement officer in the county is the Coroner. But, the Sheriff is correct. An executive order is NOT a law, it’s just an order from someone circumventing the Constitution and abusing his office.

  28. I grew up on Raw Milk! This shit we drink know should be called a “Milk Drink” because it sure as hell isn’t milk! Ultra pasteurized – could be shipped from here to the moon without going sour.

    By the way, you can drink sour milk and although it doesn’t taste that great it will not hurt you.

  29. Sheep answer there if I ever heard one. I don’t agree with Lavoy’s tactics, however, he was a patriot standing against federal over-reach. Something that affects all Americans.
    Do your research before bashing a patriot.

  30. In my opinion, if it is handled properly, raw milk is safer than milk that is contaminated with chemicals! I drank raw milk most of my life, from our own cows, and never once got sick from it!

  31. I was raised on raw milk. Never caused me any harm. If the milk never crosses a state line the feds have no Jurisdiction and know it. We have almost waited too long to confront the Feds. They have been pecking away at the Constitution since the founders passed on. Its really picked up since 1900 and went into overdrive after WW-II. Property rights are almost gone, look into “civil forfeiture” (the gov’t is not supposed to be involved in civil matters). Jury trial? As the founders knew it? Gone one since maybe 1900. Habeas Corpus, gone, patriot act. Religion under attack. etc, etc.


  33. Obviously, The only “pos” is you. You should be ashamed. At least Mr. Finicum had the intestinal fortitude to stand up to those who were ILLEGALLY and UNCONSTITUTIONALLY harassing and intimidating his fellow ranchers. He did nothing more than is Constitutionally allowed: he was peaceably protesting an egregious overreach of an agency of government that is not even sanctioned to exist, per the Constitution. The only other “pos” are those who cowardly ambushed and murdered the man. If the local Sheriff had done HIS job as admirably as the Sheriff in this editorial, we would not be having this conversation- so, that guy is also a “pos” and should be voted out of office. Seriously, when you don’t know (and worse, don’t care to know) the facts of the situation, then you should not comment because it makes you appear to be 1) uneducated, 2) heartless and possibly 3) complicit. We, the People have the right to actually USE our delineated rights (ALL of THEM), and none of us should have to fear being assassinated by the government or their agents for simply doing so!

  34. The Sheriff is the ONLY officer who had the Constitutional AUTHORITY TO DO ANY ARRESTING IN THIS SITUATION. The federal government gets it’s authority through We the People, but THEY are limited by the Constitution. The government was breaking the law, not the farmer! Ignorant people, such as yourself, are part of reason this government is so out-of-control. If you do not know your Constitutional rights, and the limitations proscribed upon THEM, how can you possibly comment, or vote, on any topic with any credibility? You are part of the problem! Educate yourself so you will KNOW, and save yourself from being your own worst enemy (and possibly be able to save those you love from an overreaching government agency when they come after you or them! Don’t think it could happen? This editorial is proof it could, as are the documented episodes of overreach in Nevada and Oregon).

  35. Someone in that community has issued a formal complaint. Maybe a nearby dairy. The federal government will not harass an independent farmer randomly. They don’t have the man power nor the time and the least inclination.

  36. Brad is a BMF, and all other sheriff’s should conduct themselves in such a manner. We the people of Elkhart County are so very lucky to have such a man to stand by us. Thank you Brad for being 100% American.

  37. Hope the Sheriff Departments across the United States of America will form a legal Militia and take control of our political system that has been stolen away from We The People. The corruption that our politicians have formed to change the rules as these elections progress to benefit their agenda for themselves. This Constitutional Country is supposed to be by the People for the People and not for a handful of Politicians Agendas Only !

  38. My question, too…… Why won’t anyone arrest Obama and his cohorts for treason?
    I stand behind this Sheriff and I’m proud that he upholds his oath. We need more like him.

  39. It’s not true, Australia did not take guns away from its people, you can have the gun, if you want to, you just have to go through gun safety course, have certificate that you are not mad, and have your gun registered and safe. Just common sense. And if some criminal will want to get the gun, he will get it, one way or another. In USA any idiot can get hold of gun, with no control. But you obviously like to live on the edge.

  40. And you would be completely wrong, calaya. He has no responsibility to give a “formal” request. In fact, he doesn’t have to REQUEST anything at all. You simply don’t understand the genuine authority that Sheriffs have, as was shown here. Your mindset and approval of federal overreach is very disturbing, and I am very glad that you have no position or authority to act. Your cheerleading for the feds is a stance that is very dangerous to the rights that God gave us, not that the state gives permission for. Glad you aren’t in the federal government, calaya. We are all safer because of it.

  41. Bill what an idiot you are. APOS calling some one else aPOS. At least he was an American, which obviously you aren’t

  42. If all Sheriffs were as dedicated in performing their sworn duty; American citizens would not be unjustly required to hire attorneys to represent &/or defend (in court) the exercising of our Constitutional rights.

  43. SHERIFFS nation wide should stand up against this corrupt government of ours.”We The People” , are behind you.
    Sheriff Brad Rogers I commend you!!!. And President Obama a big F.U. to you!!!!.

  44. SHERIFFS nation wide should stand up against this corrupt government of ours.”We The People” , are behind you.
    Sheriff Brad Rogers I commend you!!!.

  45. SHERIFFS nation wide should stand up against this corrupt government of ours.”We The People” , are behind you.

  46. Hopefully, if you were the federal government, you would abide by the Constitution, instead of trying to work around it any way you could.

  47. John have you ever drank raw milk I was raised on it, if you did you would never want that homogenized again

  48. Yes they are the Highest Law enforcement officials….. However they do answer to one group…. Their electorate. They being the highest publicly elected law enforcement make them the superior, YES even over the Feds

  49. There’s one true blooded American out there with the guts to stand, now we just have to find some more with the back bone not afraid to stand. Thank you sheriff. God Bless America,,,

  50. You are an idiot. They guy had his hands up… he was innocent and was executed by the feds.

  51. That is such an ignorant , punk thing to say. You , surely , will be monitored by the people who stand for truth in this country. I’ll not give the committees name. You have been listed as an ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE.

  52. Well , you obviously have zero power to do anything to make a difference , so your ‘if’s may as well be mollusk turds in the deep blue sea.

  53. The feds are basically bullies, and many thanks to the Sheriff for (once again) proving that the ONLY way to deal with bullies is to stand up to them. Face it. The non-confrontational attitude that is being pushed on our children from preschool is faulty, and needs to stop. Instead of acting like it is a crime to stand up for yourself, they should be guided in how to deal with confrontations as attackers and defenders. That way, they will be able to defend themselves (and others if need be) without going to extremes. It’s time for Americans to stop denying what is a huge part of our natural selves.

  54. I Will Never Understand Some Folks! You want All Natural & This Is One Of The Most Natueal things Around! I grew Up On A Farm, Got Squirted Lots Of Times By Dad 7 grand dad Milking, The Cat Would Lap the Milk as fast as Possible, We Had Fresh Milk, Creme, Butter Formed In a Mold,. Grand dad had A Route In town With restaurants For Farm Products! Try Catching All the Chickens After he Chopped off! Sometimes I did not Like All trhat work,today I Would Not Change a thing!

  55. Calaya maybe someone needs to pick you up in the middle of the night..people like you are the problem in this country…

  56. get your information straight please.. He was resisting arrest.. and reached toward his pocket.. for who knows what.. when you have to make a split second decision to defend your own life you probably would have shot him to.

  57. Obama ordered the FDA changes that give the fed the right to think they can shut down the smaller farms and ranches yes he has everything to do with this. stop being a democrat drone and research you may be shocked what you learn. peace

  58. little bill , You would only say that once in front of me or the friends I have . and oh yeah most of us are rancher/farmers .

  59. Actually this is much more common than you would think. This especially happens to small businesses where inspectors will ACTUALLY SHOW UP AND DEMAND CASH on the spot or threaten to confiscate the business license without a court order much less review. The county can roll an owner for thousands of dollars if he is unable to afford legal help. Their behavior is thuggish and completely unamerican treating the business owner as if money grows on trees.

  60. Oh my gawd people, do you even realize how long people have had “raw” milk? I have had milk straight out of the cow all my life, fresh churned buttermilk, drawing the butter curds off the buttermilk. We have lived like this for several hundred years and no one was the worse. Shame on the friggin government for trying to live our lives for us. Leave us the hell alone………

  61. Calaya is the perfect example of the failure our public schools have become. They are nothing but indoctrination facilities to create boot lickers for government bureaucrats.

  62. —-Ok…how’s this: Only the Coroner in Jackson Co., Mo. can arrest the Sheriff! I’m quite sure it’s that way in most counties. Sounds odd, but it’s true!

  63. Karol- he didn’t”insert”it, and your pretense at an alternative “statistic” actually applied less to his than his comment did to the original. Just to bring you up to date, the Fed’s are attempting the EXACT same overreach on the 2nd amendment. The relevant issues is NOT his use of a statistic, but the 4th Amm search and seizure / due process Constitutional restrictions, which EXACTLY connect with the 2nd AMM comments. Remember, the requirement for a WARRANT is a limitation on GOVERNMENT, NOT the one beinfg searched. That the Fed’s are – rightly – convinced they can act with impunity BECAUSE of intimidation, is EXACTLY the same TYRANICAL THREAT as that presented by the THREWT to the 2nd AMM.

  64. Kadok- he didn’t “insert” it, and your pretense at an alternative “statistic” actually applied less to his than his comment did to the original. Just to bring you up to date, the Fed’s are attempting the EXACT same overreach on the 2nd amendment. The relevant issue is NOT his use of a statistic, but the 4th Amm search and seizure / due process Constitutional restrictions, which EXACTLY connect with the 2nd AMM comments. Remember, the requirement for a WARRANT is a limitation on GOVERNMENT, NOT the person being searched. That the Fed’s are – rightly – convinced they can act with impunity BECAUSE of intimidation, is EXACTLY the same TYRANICAL THREAT as that presented by the THREAT to the 2nd AMM.

  65. When I went through the police academy, we were told we could not arrest a sheriff unless he allowed it. Reason being, they are elected officials and answer to the people. A U.S. marshal CAN arrest them. They are sworn to uphold the Constitution and this protects them from undue harassment in doing so. This does not mean they are always right but in this case I feel he was. The Feds should not be allowed to run roughshod over the little guy. WE run this country! Not the other way around!

  66. HOWEVER, almost none of those who are justifiably denied are PROSECUTED. If they get far enough to have the dealer phone in for the background check and are prohibited they have committed a FEDERAL FELONY just by filling out the form and signing it. Also, not that a great many of the refusals by the AFT are real a great many are “FALSE POSITIVES” (or negatives if you wish). Most felons don’t bother going to the gun dealer since its POINTLESS. You need to look behind the numbers and stop believing the media. Almost invariably the various media are wrong on almost any firearms related issue. Its been this way for DECADES. They harp about passing a law, complaining about things, for example, that have been illegal sometimes for 50 years OR maybe 80+. But never let facts get in the way of misleading the sheepeople. I would also point out, that in knowing a Federal LEO and having discussed it with him at times, the “rights” they think they have (and the Federal courts support them) are shocking. Any state law they break they simply have it removed to Federal court and its dismissed. They can trespass and commit other crimes, like the murder of Vicki Weaver and state prosecution is prevented by the Federal courts. Its a gross abuse of power.

  67. I stand with this sheriff %100. Obama and his administration have become dictators and traitors to the USA. We need more people like Sheriff Brad Rogers. I pray he stays safe and does not have a convenient accidents that seem to going around.

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