Newt Exposes Sick Behind-The-Scenes TREASON Paul Ryan Committed, He’s Finished

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The recent denial from Congress of the American Health Care Act, which turned out to be nothing more than the very same Obamacare with just a few adjustments, helped President Trump’s followers to draw a clear line between Republicans backing Trump (and our forefathers) vision for America… and those who are loyal to the Republican establishment for obvious financial interests.

Many have been quick to blame Speaker of the House Paul Ryan for feeding us the completely watered down bill he put together and some sort of attempt to drum up votes for the bill. Newt Gingrich, however, didn’t stay quiet about the obvious sabotage, and revealed what Ryan really did to Trump’s plan for the American people.

He started off by stating:

“Donald Trump is a very smart guy. He just went through an experience that wasn’t what he was told. He had been told that everything was under control, the leadership could deliver, he didn’t have to pay too much attention, come in at the very end and close the deal. And it got to be a total mess.”

Newt added,

 “I can guarantee you that if this had been one of his hotels, one of his buildings, one of his golf courses, there’d be a lot of personnel changes tonight. And I think what you’re gonna see is that he’s gonna rethink how he’s going to approach the Congress based on this outcome. Because it was so totally, utterly unacceptable.”

Gingrich explained further,

“Paul Ryan is at a real turning point. Ryan’s a very smart guy, nobody should take that away from him. And he knows an immense amount about policy. But he’s gotta decide, in the world of Trump, where you’re doing really bold, really different things, is he willing to spend the time and the energy, listening to everybody, even when he doesn’t agree with them, doesn’t think they make any sense, because only by, we used to use a model of listen, learn, help and lead. And only by doing this, and you’ve talked about it some, only by getting everybody in the dialogue, you have a chance of ultimately getting to the majority. And I think this was an example, that starting at the top, trying to run it through the system is not going to work.”

Here it is:

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