Some Psychopath Is Spreading Thousands Of THUMB TACKS All Over A Dog Park In California

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In case we needed any more proof that humans can be evil, some demented individual is spreading thousands of thumb tacks across a dog park in Northern California. Dog owners in Hercules, California have picked up between 3,000 and 5,000 tacks from the Ohlone Dog Park and nearby creek over the past three weeks, according to KNTV.
Owners reported finding new tacks each day, replacing the ones they’d previously cleared out. Resident Anthony Hayes told KNTV that people have even found thumb tacks in the pups’ water bowls. One little guy even ingested a tack last week. Luckily the dog was okay, but tack removal is a costly procedure for pet owners. 

Police have stepped up patrol presence and are considering installing cameras to catch this psychopath.  They are reminding residents to be cautious and call with any information.

…Further proof that dogs are better than people in every way. (h/t cbsnews)

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