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VIA|  This presidency can surely be said to be the most shrouded in secrecy of all times.  From birth certificate conspiracies to everything else this man has had the indecency to lie about in order to ensure political prevalence, Obama can surely be labeled a sociopath.  A letter has come forward stating that although you may believe it, things he can only express through words have proven to him that Obama did not in fact kill Osama during that raid.

An Iraq war veteran, Kevin E Lake, that frequently writes for The Free Patriot, claims to have received a letter from a special forces buddy of his. Although he declares that he will not release the identity of this soldier, he makes it clear that this man has had several experiences that have contributed to his knowledge on the matter.


The Special Forces operative claims that Osama Bin Laden wasn’t killed during the notourious raid on his complex by Seal Team Six.  Now he does infer that Osama is still dead nonetheless—obviously as I’m sure we would have seen a video where he himself disputes the claims of his death—and was killed in a drone strike some time before.

 He questions why there was no real evidence shown to the public verifying his death, and why he had an extremely secretive burial at sea.  He also wonders why most of the, now famous, Seal Team Six have died under extremely mysterious circumstances—the same can be said for the woman that verified Obama’s birth certificate.

He then turns from questions to self-proclaimed fact—things he has learned along the way from other soldiers. He reportedly has a friend within Seal Team Six that is unknown to be alive or dead, but told him they never made the capture of Osama Bin Laden on that day.  In fact, it was all a ploy, a publicity stunt, a political move, to get Obama reelected.


He goes on to explain, “No Sailor or Soldier had ever seen the funeral or the dead body of Bin Laden on board the aircraft carrier.”

He conveys the secrecy around the entire operation and how Seals have been ordered “mum.”

The soldier then transfers over to our government and media saying that like all sheep, we just do as we’re told, and believe what we’re told to believe in.  He states that the media, acting as Obama’s lapdog and personal cheerleading squad, haven’t done their due diligence. After all, if they had, Obama would have been impeached years ago and wouldn’t have even had to worry about getting reelected.


The soldier claims that Obama is the modern Anti-Christ surely leading this country to destruction.  He relays the fact that Obama is supporting the Muslim Brotherhood—a fact we already knew especially after the Syria conflict.  He also reveals that beyond this, because of Obama, “the Muslim Brotherhood has already infiltrated our senate and congress.”

Finishing his letter, the Special Forces operative leaves us with the eerie warning, “One day Islam will rule, and they will slaughter us like they slaughter their own people. We have to stand up against this, otherwise we´re lost!”

Feel free to read the letter in its entirety here at The Free Patriot’s website.

What do you guys think about this letter—just more conspiracy theories or the true deceit of The Obama administration? Let us know in a comment below!


  1. A very Infamous person once commented “Wut DIFFERENCE @ THIS TIME, DUZ IT MAKE” The implied notion. Results are the same regardless.. Who cares if it’s a lie, The important point & question is ..Aren’t We Great Liars?

  2. I believe that Obama was chosen by George Soros to run for President. He was chosen to destroy us. His actions prove it. I believe this theory to be true, everything makes sense.

  3. I guestion why the seal that is always on Fox News from time to time suposidly the man who shot Bin ladin, is he there to keep us focused on this theory and not question anything else?

  4. Anybody that believes the bullshit story from the WH was and is a moron. No body, no pictures and it was out of respect. Give me a f ing break.

  5. Better wrap that tinfoil juuuuuuust a little bit tighter. I think the Mind Rays from the HARP satellite are getting through.
    No one dislikes what Obama and the Democrats have done to this country more than I do, but the number of people who would have to be ordered into silence, and accept that order, from a shitbag like Obama, is too many to keep this kind of secret.

  6. OsamaBinLaden looks like a barryHUSSEINobomba before shaved. Every thing he does is staged. All he is is speeches platitudes TelePrompTers and photo ops his whole life. Since raised at eight in terrorist professor Bill Ayers home on acorn community agitation. Marc church ….

  7. It depends on who they are threatening to kill…If someone threatens to kill your Mom, Dad, children, spouse, etc, or even you, you might just keep your mouth shut. But after awhile that will take its toll on people, and someone will get tired of being afraid and will speak up. What I can’t believe is that the American people choose to go along with the BS Obama and his puppetmasters are shoveling.

  8. The deception comes not from involving a large mass of people that need to be kept quiet, but creating a small number of nonexistent witnesses to substantiate your narrative. Then eliminate anyone who has the ability to prove the nonexistance of said witnesses. It’s a story told over and over throughout history, use a small number of loyalists to deceive the masses, or in this case, make up the loyalists to deceive the masses.

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