The State Of Oregon Was Just Caught Red Handed Doing Something Absolutely Disgusting To Their Ballots -Look At This!

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For some time now, Donald Trump has been warning the American people that the presidential election is rigged.

Now, one huge mistake on The Oregon state ballot has Americans everywhere scratching their heads. According to reports, Trump doesn’t even show up as a choice for president this year!

We hope someone gets fired for this. This is absolutely unacceptable. Do you agree?



0 thoughts on “The State Of Oregon Was Just Caught Red Handed Doing Something Absolutely Disgusting To Their Ballots -Look At This!

  1. What a disgrace! Hilary and her staff should be ashamed of themselves. But as we all know she will do everything and anything to try and win since she can’t win the right way. Disgusting!

  2. This is “VERY DISGUSTING” to NOT EVEN PUT “TRUMP” ON THE “VOTING BALLET” PERIOD, and to PUT Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine NAMES ON THE VOTING BALLETS “TWICE” and “NO” REPUBLICAN OR “TRUMP” PERIOD THE “FBI” NOT COMEY NEEDS TO ARREST SOMEONE and PUT THEM IN “PRISON” FOR “VOTER FRAUD” PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  3. Trump should demand a re-vote if indeed this is true, and in any state where cheating is going on. Why do you think they asked him if he would accept the results of the election. He would of been a fool to say yes.

  4. You are so gullible! That was a joke and was photoshopped but your readers will probably eat it up. You have zero credibility.

  5. thats why they wanted him to commite to a yes, it is gonna be in alot of states doing this, and just check into who has something to do with the voting and things to do with all the ballets!!! SAME PEOPLE WHO SENT AND PAID HECKLERS TO GO TO TRUMPS RALLIES!!!

  6. just voted my oregon ballot and mine had trump on it. don’ know if this is true or some misprinted ballots or actual fraud

  7. I think the voters should demand that new ballets be printed with Donald Trumps name added. Did you notice that Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine are listed twice? This is no accident folks. Trump is a lot smarter than you think he is. He knows exactly what is going on in this election. When you see the government pushing one candidate over the other, you know this is a high level of corruption. And you wonder why he said he may not accept the results of the election? I wouldn’t accept it either. Why didn’t they list Donald Trump twice and leave Hilary Clintons name off? DUH?

  8. I am an Oregonian and just got my ballot. Trump, Clinton, Stein & Johnson all appear on the ballot. No need to get your panties in a bunch over this in Oregon.

  9. I received my ballot and it had Trump listed first. I really believe this vote by mail is a real corruption of the voting process. It is so easy to have some one fill out you ballot cause there are a lot of people that don’t care about elections. Many don’t know anything about the candidates or there history and positions on the issues. Oregon needs to go back to the people going to the precincts and voting in person.

  10. It worse than that. They actually put his name first on the ballot!! Just think how that will influence voters with short attentions spans and therefore just color in the circle of the first name they see on the ballot.

  11. This is a pivot point in American history. If Hillary is elected – everyone is focused on her deficits as a person. The truth is it’s her policies. She’s going to open the borders, pack the Supreme Court with far left Liberal Judges and you are not ever going to have the same country again. Maybe you like that, maybe you don’t. But we’re not going back to the status quo after they are done, period. And so Republicans need to understand if Trump loses, it is a new America, OK? A lot is on the line, whether you like him or not. That is a real threat.”

  12. Did you notice Wallace never asked HRC if she would accept the results of the election. Why was that???

  13. This is a first and certainly planned by some higher officials involved with the printing of these ballots. How will voters know how to vote and can the new ballots be printed in time? They should have to save the absentee ballots aside until the rest of the viotes are counted.

  14. I live in Oregon. I have my ballot. Donald Trump is ON my ballot.
    Thought this was listed as a hoax.

  15. I think hillary should be kicked out of the race for all of the deplorable things she’s done and taken off the ballot then immedialely put in prison until her trial for treason.

  16. Hillary is disgusting. She is getting away with murder. Women who are voting for her because she is a woman should think twice before voting. If she gets in Sharia Law will plague our children and our Country. Try asking your phone (I phone or #7 phone) how many muslin’s are in our government today?
    You will be surprised to here the hundreds and they have been given security clearance. The Muslim’s have a Prayer room in Florida airport. Do we have a prayer room? NO! The school sent home a note to the parents saying.”the school sent home a note telling the parents that “your child will be required to pray with the Muslim’s the Sharia prayer. The Sharia law will govern the school. This is appalling and
    in this Country. The man went to the school and was payed o attention. the response. ” this is the way
    it will be.” Think twice before you vote for Hillary Clinton. Obomi and HIllary put these Muslim”s in power. Some given security clearance bypassing the normal paperwork to get a clearance.

  17. They should demand new ballots and everyone should start demanding their regional media covers it. If you scream loud enough someone will hear you!!! Write his mane in and take a picture of it,….js

  18. Hey dumbass, this is fake fake fake, but you don’t care just spread more lies mire misinformation.
    Maybe They should put Trump’s picture on it so his knuckle dragging followers who can’t read will know who to vote for

  19. This is fake you know that right? More lies and misinformation for the neanderthals that follow Trump.

  20. Thoroughly debunked bullshit.

    It’s a good photoshop job, folks.

    I just filled out my OREGON ballot, voting Trump/Pence (the first option on the entire ballot).

    These dumb hoaxes are growing tiresome. Even more tiresome is that people are falling for it.

  21. LIE – I am an Oregon resident and received my ballot on Saturday – Trump is first name on the list!!

  22. This is a LIE – I am an Oregon resident and received my ballot on Saturday – Trump is first name on the list!!

  23. how in hell can any one say this is not illegal, the democrats are all a bunch of traitors why don’t the voters demand new ballots be printed with Donald Trump name added I am 81 years old and have never seen an election as crooked as this one is, and its all because Hillary has all these idiots blackmailed. You go Donald Trump don’t let them get away with this shit

  24. This may have been a misprint on a single ballot, I got mine and my whole family and all friends got ours we all got to vote for Trump so I have seen this story in a few places with just the 1 photo. If it is massive then yeah I would love Oregon to cancel, otherwise, something huge is happening here, I have met just a couple democrats in the past 7 months. People are tired of the same thing that we have been doing for the past 8 years and we know it is getting to the point of no return. Obama was right “It’s time for a change” But the change is going to come from none other than the next President of the United States, Donald J. Trump! VOTE FOR TRUMP!

  25. I would immediately take a pic of the ballot and then contact who ever is in charge of state voting and then i would contact fox news and any local media outlets and let them know whats happening at these polling sites.

  26. Trump has every right to question the Liberal fraud that is equivalent to Communism. Oregon is a lost State that is so corrupt and needs to put in it’s place. No more from Oregon with this shame that is produced from the Political leaders.

  27. All Oregon votes should be thrown out if it’s not corrected by election time. And election officials should be arrested and fined; never be allowed to work on elections again. Any absentee balots printed wrong should be thrown out and the voters who didn’t point it out should be fined.

  28. This is disgusting this was not a mistake do you know how many times this should of been caught before it even went to print much less handed to voters complete corruption and am effort to steal votes


    Not a big fan of Trump, but definitely a very conservative constitution lover and Hillary hater. I am an Oregon voter and I have my ballot in my hand.

    My ballot has trump on it. In the photo used as “proof”, has been photoshopped. And not very well either. If you look at the photo to the right of the first Hillary Clinton listing there is a double stripe Anomaly- except where the Hillary Clinton block was stacked over the top of the Donald Trump block.

    If I hold up the ballot in the light I see the double line next to trumps name showing through from the other side. There is very clearly a vertical line attached to one of them with the same width and opaqueness of the two horizontal lines, that is missing in the American Journal Review picture.

    This photo has definitely been altered. If I could post a picture here I could easily prove it. Unfortunately AJR is a fraud and is expecting us to believe this as truth.

  30. This is why congress does not want Trump as president. HE KNOWS TOO MUCH on the current system!! They want his money but not him!!! I say we NEED him!! GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!

  31. Trump should have all votes be cancelled because of the votes did not have Donald Trump as a candidate for President!!!

  32. FALSE
    ORIGIN:One of the many online pranks in the 2016 election season was a purported image of an Oregon ballot shared via Twitter (but since removed), a photograph that seemingly showed Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton listed twice but no entry for Republican nominee Donald Trump. The truth gets harder to find…

  33. You notice they did not ask crooked Hillary if she would accept the results of the election. Trump could have put it better – but he would have been stupid to the max to say yes, he would.

  34. I’m near Portland area, there are a lot of mad Bernie voters that are not going to vote. And there are not alot of hillary posters. If you going to vote, ask for a paper ballot. By law they have to give you one!! Hearing the Bernie are make at hillarys

  35. This is not true! I recv’d my ballot 4 days ago. I voted “Trump ” and yes, his name was on the ballot!

  36. guys Photoshop this cause he wanted to see how gullible Trump Supporters are. This is his quote (“A friend photoshopped that ballot image and posted in on Facebook. I shared it on Twitter and tagged some influential folks from the #TrumpTrain on Twitter β€” I wanted to see their reaction. I was not expecting so many retweets and shares. I’m now getting all kinds of replies: “Look, this all is rigged!” “Can this be real?” “My ballot has Trump on it!” After it took off I wanted to make sure folks knew it was fake, but by then it was too late. I’m not sure whether to delete the tweet, or continue replying to people letting them know, “Hey this was a hoax. You can’t trust everything you read or see and we’re each responsible for checking on the information we pass on.”) whats worse is you still have this posted with no retractions

  37. You people are complete idiots. Problem is, that this “ballot” was photoshopped, and you fools didnt even care to factcheck your story. You deserve Trump….o.m.g.

  38. I ttook the time to actually try to verify this story. Big surprise….. it was a hoax! A guy started it as a joke to see how many Trump supporters would immediately take it as the gospel truth. Oregon State checked it out and has completely denounced it. People have already received their ballots and Trump / Pence is right where it is supposed to be on the ballot. Take a moment and check out crazy stuff you see on line!

  39. Why is it always the democrats cheating. They have cultivated a reputation to be untrustworthy, that party should be totally dissolved..They have proven time and again that we cannot have a fair and just election.
    The penalty for this crime, should be for them to forfeit the election…automatically lose. That would be fair. And would be a lesson for the future.

  40. I thinkone state should be doing voting at a time and it should be all paper. To heck with the college electoral, it’s like nobody else’s voice counts

  41. I am not any party. So far neither party nor Obama has addressed the problems in this country.
    Water is LIFE. NOT OIL.
    AND now our Native Indians are willing to sacrifice their LIVES for everyone’s WATER.
    And nobody is acting. Look at all the countries around the world. ALL THE water is contaminated. Look at the oceans. The LIFE of our earths creatures are dying. And so will we.
    Who cares anyone?
    There is a God. And he is not happy with anyone on this planet.
    So do you think he cares about this election? Your ALL squabbling like some babies. It won’t matter what color we are. Or what country your from. Everyone on this planet is at fault. The earth is sacred. Get it!

  42. Should be Illegal!
    I’m sure Trump knows about this, if we know! Very odd!
    This goes against Freedom in America!

  43. Last night on a show some Congressman was saying how Oregon has such a good voting system. May not.

  44. OMG – it was a photoshopped JOKE. YOu post this kind of stuff without the 30 seconds it would have taken to fact check???

  45. This is fake you morons. Trump is on the ballot. This has been debunked multiple times already. Try getting your news from somewhere that doesn’t suck.

  46. Since they intentionally left Trump’s name off the ballot, I say just give Trump all of Oregon’s votes, and any other state that cheats for Clinton, give every vote to Trump. That’s fair.

  47. They should rename it the untrustable’s the paryt of the cheaters ! If hillary gets in it will be because of all the people that cheated the people of the U.S.A. out of there voiting rights to steal this election from the people’s choice ! Then the only way we ever will have a free country is to stand against tyranny like our for fathers did in 1776 ! we are a country of laws and when we have elites that want to subserve the CONSTITUTION then we the people have a duty to reinstate a lawfull goverment to rule in our favor!!

  48. This is not true. I live in Oregon. I have my ballot in my hand and Donald J. Trump is listed first under presidential candidates. We have enough shady stuff going on in this election without reporting falsehoods.

  49. If I were Mr. Trump I would deman a revote in the state of Oregon . This is so wrong to do to the American people it is our right to vote and people are voting, but not when this Nonsense happens at the voting booth, if sone one is ridding the voting they should be arrested and put in jail for breaking the voting system this is corruption and it’s totally wrong .

  50. Who the fuck are you, liars I already voted in Oregon. If you are going slander something make it your mom!

  51. In my opinion the person or people who print up the ballots for Oregon should be arrested, that should be a criminal offense. This is disgusting and deplorable. And Hitlary calls us deplorables, she needs to look up the word, cause it doesn’t apply to Trumps followers, but it does describe her and her followers. She’s disgusting, deplorable, and just plain evil.

  52. I live in Oregon, Trump/Pence is the first name on the list. Not sure where this ballot came from, but it’s on mine.

  53. So you have to write in Mr Donald Trump if you want to vote for him ! Glad they left a other blank line!

  54. If you follow up on this you will that this was a hoax from a journalist. He wanted to see how people would react and never suspected it would be taken as far as it was. “A friend photoshopped that ballot image and posted in on Facebook. I shared it on Twitter and tagged some influential folks from the #TrumpTrain on Twitter β€” I wanted to see their reaction. I was not expecting so many retweets and shares. I’m now getting all kinds of replies: “Look, this all is rigged!” “Can this be real?” “My ballot has Trump on it!” After it took off I wanted to make sure folks knew it was fake, but by then it was too late. I’m not sure whether to delete the tweet, or continue replying to people letting them know, “Hey this was a hoax. You can’t trust everything you read or see and we’re each responsible for checking on the information we pass on.” It’s shocking to me how much traction this has. Folks are clearly worried about this election, and this kind of hoax resonates with their worries. At the end of the day I hope this causes people to look a little more carefully at what they’re spreading, and to get out and vote responsibly. I’m glad people are finally looking at their ballots.” John Lussier

  55. I think this is bad, our ballots better be returned and redone with the right stuff to be voted on. trump/pence better be on the next ballot, i have not opened by ballot yet. trump /pence better be on it.

  56. I don’t know about all counties…different counties get different ballots, as we are also voting for state offices, representatives, etc..from differing areas. But, my own Ballot has Trump listed in first/top position. Maybe it’s because I’m in a rural county and most everyone wants to keep their guns. Those who are in other areas better ck their own ballots…& write in Trump & Pence if necessary!

  57. Hillary’s proved that she’s above the law, apparently.
    Otherwise she’d be indicted instead of running for President.
    Mr/Mrs “Slick Willie” can do no wrong, doncha know…

  58. Its photoshopped… I looked directly at both names on my ballot… all is fine.
    But, hey, its on the internet, so it must be true.

  59. Its photoshopped… I looked directly at both names on my ballot… all is fine.
    But, hey, its on the internet, so it must be true.

  60. This has already been proven as a hoax and the creator of the digitally altered document has removed it…there are no misprinted documents… more bluster and doodah to deceive the American people….DO YOUR RESEARCH BEFORE YOU BUY INTO B.S. STORIES!

  61. Because it was a digitally altered hoax…the creator of this false document has removed it…but the damage he intended to create has happened…more deception of the American public…do your research before buying into sensationalized stories…

  62. They aren’t cheating…taking on your attitude, why are all the republicans making up this doo dah to deceive the American public? Do your research before you start pointing fingers…digitally altered document created to turn you into a blinded sheep in the wolves den…

  63. It’s a digitally altered document created to spread more lies about rigged elections. Already proven and the creator has removed it as fraud…good for you, Oregon for stepping up with the truth about your ballot…why folk create this kind of crap just astounds me. Hope they charge him with voter fraud!

  64. This is a hoax created by someone to rile you up and give merit to Trumps whining…he needs to stop acting like a petulant child if folk think he could even come close to behaving like a President..the guy who created it has already pulled it but unfortunately not before the damage he wanted to cause has happened…they sucked you in…do your research…Oregons ballots are Florida? That’s a different story…always has been.

  65. I live in Oregon. I also recently received my mail ballets. There is nothing wrong with it. Everyone’s name is added where they should be, and all Measures are listed. I’m not saying this didn’t happen, but it didn’t happen to everyone.

  66. This is bullshit! If I hadn’t already sent my ballot in, I would’ve posted a picture of it. I voted for Trump and the picture of the ballot above is pohotoshoped!
    Trump was on the ballot so stop trying to act like the Democraps.

  67. When is the freaking American people gonna wake the hell up,really. HOW Dumb can you be,for real.

  68. This is absolute BS . everyone involved should be fired and charged with the crimes that I’m sure apply . Trump is right !!!!! the Voting process is under attack from the DNC and Killary !!!! she has a proven track record of doing what ever it takes to get her way !!!!!!

  69. I agree. Like you said Trump is no dummy. I kind of cringed when he said he wouldn’t automatically honor the election results if he lost. As usual though, time and time again Trump’s seemingly outrageous statement turned out to right. I just wonder how many more crimes does Hagellry have to commit before she’s is disqualified from running for president. It seems like short of killing Trump it doesn’t matter what she does.

  70. If you really think about it, whoever is responsible for setting up this list of candidates, knew very well what they were doing. And they thought nobody would notice! Now that’s stupid, and criminal action should be brought to bare, on all the people involved, including the printer! This corruption has been brought upon our nation, Bc our God has been rejected by His people, and soon, very soon, this nation will have to address this moral decay. By another nation, or by God! Unless we as a nation turn towards God.

  71. Excellent advice……if it isn’t there people, write it in! AND REPORT IT TO LOCAL FOX NEWS

  72. do you asshats ever fact check anything before you post it? I live in Oregon and have already voted for Trump. he is on the ballot and you are fucking idiots!!!

  73. If this is true, it may be the only way they figure they can win! If they’re crooked about this, what else will they be crooked about? They really must feel threatened!

  74. This has already been proven to be a hoax, folks. The man who started it admitted it was a prank. Google it and read for yourself.

  75. Not true, I live in Oregon and Trump/Pence was first name on my ballot and my husbands. One of us registered for each party. All you would need to do is go to election office and request another ballot as we vote by mail.

  76. This is total BS!!! I live in Oregon and just voted! He is on it! Stop spreading crap news!!! Turd of a writer!!!

  77. Really people, you believe so much trumpshit that I can’t even believe come out of your mouths. Trump is nothing but a shameless liar that has been proven that 97% of what comes out of is a lie. Read facts people!!! Not the media.

  78. Cheating SONSABITCHES cancel the vote in that state and gave a revote there !! Machines have been changing votes for Trump to HITLERY on SOROS machines !! You Damn right it’s RIGGED in HITLERY’S favor and this is bullsht !!!! Recall needed !!!

  79. I said that the election should have to be redone in that state and also in the states that gave had the machines that have been changing Trump votes to Clinton votes on SOROS machines and that state should have to revote on certified machines if this is done on certified machines I say bullsht, check the machines and revote !!! And this is not a been commented before

  80. I live and vote in Oregon and Trump was most CERTAINLY on the ballot. This is a hoax, people!


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