Criminal Alien Abduction On S.F. Court Stairs

Radical San Francisco progressives are furious about a recent alien abduction. The kidnapping of the poor “Mexican national with multiple felony convictions” happened right on their courthouse steps. Nancy Pelosi promised that wouldn’t happen, since they’re declared a “sanctuary city.” The local town clowns were so interested in protecting criminals they passed a law making […]

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NAMES REVEALED Of TOP DONOR And Popular ACTRESS Behind Disgusting Leftist Latino TV Ad Depicting White Man Running Down Minority Kids With Truck

Just released by a progressive Latino Victory Fund was a new ad that portrays supporters of Virginia Republican gubernatorial candidate De Gillespie as racist people who hurt children. The horrible ad features a male driving a large pick-up truck with a Gillespie campaign sticker, a Tea Party front license plate, and a Confederate flag on […]

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