Comey Ditched Security Badge To Avoid Answering

James Comey could have asked to have his security clearance reinstated before his recent interview with Inspector General Michael Horowitz. He didn't. That may have been a calculated move on his part. Several high powered ....

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Disgruntled Swamp Spooks Flee Trump’s Wrath

Now that President Donald Trump has the full support of the Senate and a green light to do his job, he's finally cleaning house properly with an outright "purge" of corrupt and disloyal traitors. The ....

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Loretta Lynch Clams Up Before Congress, Refuses To Answer These 3 Key Questions From GOP

Loretta Lynch, Attorney General, rebuffed and resisted questions asked by the House committee about the probe into Hillary Clinton’s email server. She immovably refused to talk about the facts and legal standards involved, despite FBI ....

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