Judge ‘Suspects’ Obama Probed Political Figures

Presiding FISA judge James Boasberg likely suspects that Barack Obama’s administration was probing the Trump campaign and other political figures for useful information. Attorney Joe DiGenova is convinced that a bunch of the FISA warrants were sought “for the purpose of targeting.” FISA Judge suspects deep state shenanigans Last week, the presiding Judge of the […]

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Surveillance Court Threatens To Pull FBI’s Plug

The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court issued a scathing order on Friday, demanding the Federal Bureau of Instigation come up with some convincing answers. If they don’t find some excellent explanations and a whole pile of missing paperwork, the FISA court might just pull the plug on all their ongoing wiretaps. Court orders answers about missing […]

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FBI Promises To Clean Up Their Act

The Federal Bureau of Instigation got caught with their hand in the cookie jar — all the way up to the elbow. Even so, all the top brass are heavily relieved that Michael Horowitz didn’t recommend criminal charges. Only one lawyer at the Department of Injustice got sacrificially thrown under the bus for “altering an […]

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