Crisis Response Force Deployed To Border Gates

The Pentagon deployed U.S. military troops to crossing gates along our southern border, as backup for Customs and Border Patrol agents. The “crisis response force” will also help with coronavirus screenings and stand by for additional support as needed. Crisis response force deployed A Pentagon spokesman announced on Friday that 160 military police officers, engineers […]

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HHS Investigating Useless COVID-19 Test Kits

On Sunday, the Department of Health and Human Services confirmed that they’re investigating how improperly manufactured COVID-19 test kits were sent out to medical professionals in the first batch. The FDA is also looking into it. Meanwhile, to expedite the ability to detect the virus, they granted the state of New York permission to use […]

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Two Dead In Houston Explosion So Massive It Showed Up On Radar — Houses Blown From Their Foundations

Residents of a neighborhood about 10 miles northwest of central Houston, Texas, were blasted out of bed early Friday morning by such a massive explosion that nearby homes were ripped right off their foundations. Officials believe a leak of propylene gas at Watson Grinding and Manufacturing is the cause. Police confirm two deaths and multiple […]

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Right After Church Shooter Opened Fire, This Texan Did The UNTHINKABLE To Wipe Him Off Earth

After sounds of gunfire erupted in the small town Texas church on Sunday morning, two people just happened to be at the right place at the right time. Two good samaritans stepped in to stop the shooter’s spree. A Texas with a longhorn bull neck tattoo named Johnnie Lagendorff was one of the men who […]

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