Taliban Moving Door To Door Hunting For Americans!


The situation in Kabul just keeps getting worse!

On a posted tweet by @CombatJourno_Mustafa47 that reads: Taliban started door to door search looking for govt officials, former police & security forces members & those who worked with the United States and other western countries.

Prior to the Taliban’s takeover of Kabul last Sunday, The Taliban showed how brutal they are on Afghans in other areas according to The Wall Street Journal.

Reports say, Afghans pouring into Kabul and those still in Taliban-held areas say they have witnessed unprovoked attacks on civilians and executions of captured soldiers. In addition, they say, Taliban commanders have demanded that communities turn over unmarried women to become “wives” for their fighters—a form of sexual violence, human-rights groups say.

At least 3 journalists’ houses were searched in the last hour. That’s scary!

Kabul is now becoming deadly… This is a game-changer for us all. Many have started counting their final hours of life in Kabul. Nobody knows what happens next.

Pray for us.

On recent reports, Taliban militants have been conducting door-to-door searches in Kabul looking for Afghan government officials, military members, former police and security force members who worked for foreign countries NGO’s of infrastructure in Afghanistan and others who worked with the United States and other western countries.

Journalists are also being hunted while the terrorist group has promised safety and publicly called for a “peaceful” transfer of power. Meanwhile, refugees who flocked to Kabul prior to its fall said that the Taliban militants have already begun executions and force marriages in outlying cities and towns. How peaceful is that?

Another journalist posted a tweet that reads; “Taliban fighters going door-to-door in #Kabul, looking for government employees, soldiers and police, and Afghans who worked with foreign govts and NGOs, several residents tell me,” and “Some have been taken away, family members say. In other cases, houses have been searched and documents/weapons confiscated. Taliban also recording names/addresses.”

The United States is working to evacuate American citizens as well as thousands of Afghan visa holders. The Department of Defense is preparing to house up to 30,000 Afghan refugees at military bases. Some U.S. citizens are reportedly trapped behind Taliban security checkpoints and are unable to reach Karzai. As The Daily Wire reported: Sen. Tom Cotton’s (R-AR) office told New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman that his office is receiving calls from United States citizens trapped behind Taliban checkpoints, even as the U.S. State Department is demanding the Taliban allow foreign nationals to leave the country.

Cotton’s office opened its phone lines to citizens in Kabul who need help, according to a tweet the Senator sent out earlier Sunday, asking anyone in need to make contact. Haberman tweeted Sunday night that Cotton’s office received calls from “multiple U.S. citizens” requiring help.

Remember on August 12, 2021, U.S. Embassy Kabul confirmed via tweet that read: We’re hearing additional reports of #Taliban executions of surrendering Afghan troops. Deeply disturbing & could constitute war crimes.

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