Target Makes MAJOR Announcement On Bathroom Policy Issue

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Target has been suffering and has taken a huge hit after their decision to allow their customers to use whichever bathroom they identify with. But now, they have announced something that shocked many.

As Fox Business reports, Target has now agreed to meet with representative from the boycott organizers:

But beware, this controversy isn’t really about LGBT rights.

Everything is political with today’s activists. Everything is a battle. Far from the “stay out of my life” libertines of earlier activists, these are the opposite. Today’s activists are about control, not freedom. And our society is giving in to it… to the point we no longer know which toilet to use.

The problem with this (among many others) is that trying to force the world to comply to their emotion-driven worldview means choosing between their way and reality. It doesn’t help any that this also means choosing between their view on one issue, and other issues they claim to care about.

While I’ll be getting back to the toilet controversy, here are a few examples to prove my point.

It was fashionable to cheer for Ethanol, and subsidize it. That took a lot of corn out of the food chain, driving up international prices for a food staple that millions of developing countries depend on. Pro Ethanol hurts the poor.

This article draws a link between wind energy and the deaths of numerous whales… remember when whales were THE issue for environmental activists? But they are expendable so long as we are “green”.

What about the leftists who care so deeply about poverty, homelessness, and unemployment now cheering loudly as wildfires are wiping out communities around Alberta’s Oilsands. I cannot print epithets strong enough for that callousness.

This is the kind of unintended consequence the Toilet nonsense leads us into. It really has little to do with “trans” people at all. Those who paid close attention will notice that there was little – if any – concern about who would enter the men’s rooms. Even if someone might be uncomfortable or annoyed, most men realize that we can more or less look after ourselves.

Anyone paying attention would have realized that what we were really concerned about was the entrance of sketchy men into the womens’ toilets.

And before anyone starts throwing LGBT(&c) around, let’s remember that not everyone under that umbrella is equally affected by every issue. For example, a gay guy will use the men’s room. So why would he care about toilets? Realistically, until the Social Justice Warriors tried to make a big deal about it, biological males dressed as females were already using the ladies’ room. But that wasn’t enough, and the bar was pushed farther.

Let’s wind the clock back a year or two. I’m sure the SJW’s have already forgotten, but some of us remember when everything was “rape culture”. Men — males — were natural predators. Threats to women. Wicked, primal, horrible creatures, always only a heartbeat away from seizing upon some hapless woman and raping her. Something like that anyway. The hyperbole sounds about right, but the details are a little hazy. Probably on account of my rape-y masculine brain.

But when that argument stopped being a means to an end, SJWs stopped caring about it.

Here’s the problem with that. The grain of truth that let you get away with that claim in the first place is exactly why we are protective of women’s washrooms. Most men are not miserable violent SOBs. But some are. It is the desire of good men to protect the women we love and cherish from the wickedness of bad men.

There are cases of men going out of their way to plant cameras in fitting rooms or bathrooms. Or people finding ways to take footage in the next stall. Of people taking pictures up women’s skirts. And those are just a few examples of people exploiting the image of the woman. This says nothing about the possibility of someone overpowering a vulnerable woman already in a partial state of undress.

We have women’s shelters for a reason. These women’s shelters have elaborate security in place to keep men out. Many also employ female staff only, and we understand that. When a woman is sexually assaulted, we provide female medical staff to assist whenever possible, out of consideration for the delicate situation. Because we are sexist against men? No. Because we value women. In the same way, bathrooms should be “safe spaces”.

The main objection was not the guy who lives dressed as a woman to the point that no casual observer would realize. The problem was that you have created a situation that emboldens the creepy guys who want to see nekkid women to just waltz in and take a peek.

Your sexual identity politics have pushed us so far that nobody dares stop a man from entering the women’s change room. Remember the story of the Seattle man who walked into the women’s change room, and changed among the women like nothing was the matter? In New York you can get a Quarter-Million Dollar fine for using the wrong pronoun. People are being intimidated. So nobody challenged him on going into the women’s change room, because they were all scared of the Gaystapo.

We are now more afraid of being politically incorrect than we are exposing women into dangerous situations. In case you haven’t figured it out yet, that’s a problem.The safety of vulnerable people officially comes second to the manipulative “hurt feelings” of a political lobby group.

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