The Ballot Printers Have Just Been Hit With An Epic Lawsuit!


It appears that Republican ballots were printed differently than in Democrat areas which caused more Republican ballots to go to adjudication and potentially be recorded as Biden votes. They’d better lawyer up since it’s in the ballots.

Jovan Hutton Pulitzer, an inventor, and data analyst discovered a pattern in Georgia where Republican district votes were printed differently than Democrat district ballots, as the gateway pundit reported in December. The Republican areas’ ballots were set up in such a way that a substantial portion of the votes would be sent to adjudication. Unknown individuals were able to record all of Biden’s votes.

On Steve Bannon’s WarRoom Pandemic yesterday, the same situation was discussed. Matt DePerno, an attorney in Antrim County, Michigan, gave a double-bombshell update on his case relating the county’s November 3, 2020 election and Dominion Voting Systems’ voting machines and ballots. DePerno successfully obtained a court order on behalf of his client, William Bailey, on December 4, 2020, to forensically audit the county’s Dominion machines used in the November 3, 2020, Antrim County elections.

DePerno had to fight legal attempts by the radicalized Michigan Attorney General, Dana Nessel (D), and the Soros-backed dishonest and similarly radical Michigan Secretary of State, Jocelyn Benson, to prevent the public disclosure of this data (D).

To prevent the release of this information, Nessel filed a lawsuit, which Benson signed!

AG Nessel tweeted a warning shot directed specifically at “Lawyers who practice in Michigan” on December 13, the night before DePerno’s emergency hearing to get permission to release his forensic auditors’ report, letting them know that their oath prevents them from filing “unjust and/or frivolous actions” or misleading the court.

At an emergency hearing on December 14, the court granted DePerno permission to release the report’s conclusions.

The Allied Security Operations Group (ASOG), DePerno’s audit team, discovered and exposed, among other things, that the Dominion voting machines used in the 2020 election had a 68.05 percent error rate, although the allowable election error rate is.0008 percent! These “error’ed ballots” were dragged out of the counting system and into adjudication – manual review – by a person who decides which candidates the ballots report voting for. The Dominion system does not keep track of who made the decision and when, and it does not require that at least two people, one from each major political party, sign off on it.

Bailey and DePerno’s lawsuit was dismissed by the court on May 18, according to UncoverDC:

Judge Elsenheimer dismissed [DePerno’s] client’s case yesterday with a ruling based on what DePerno says is a ‘narrow decision’ that had nothing to do with any of the evidence he and his client, Bill Bailey, have presented.

Matt DePerno expressed his resolve to appeal the decision in another exclusive interview with Jim Hoft, Patty McMurray, and conservative Michigan Republican activist Matt Seely on May 18.

Matt DePerno provided two shocking updates about this case yesterday, one relating to an anonymous user remotely accessing the Election Management System and changing data – proving there was internet access – and the other about newly uncovered data relating to the actual printed ballots used in the Antrim County 2020 election. He said that the printing of the actual Dominion paper ballots had been “intentionally modified,” resulting in the non-counting of 20% of Republican votes!

Steve Bannon was given the following explanation by DePerno:

Two things we put out late last evening, two new reports that came out. One shows that there was, we’ve proved now that there was direct access to the Antrim County Election Management System because we show on November 5, we can see it in the forensic images, that an anonymous user logged onto the EMS remotely with escalated privileges and made changes to the database when they were trying to re-tabulate the election.

So, that’s one huge, huge development because now we prove that the machines were remotely accessed and, more importantly, they were remotely accessed by an anonymous user who had elevated privileges in the system.

That is pretty damning for the non-forensic reviewers out there or people who do not want a forensic audit.

And the other thing probably as equally as explosive. Everyone’s seen ballots before, like these ballots here [waves a paper ballot]. On the side of the ballot, there’s these black boxes, there’s 59 black boxes on the side of the ballot. We now see within the forensic images that in Antrim County those blocks, blocks

15, 18, 28, 41 and 44, were all intentionally modified, the height and the width, the shape of the blocks were intentionally modified in order to generate errors.

What does an error do? In this case by modifying those specific blocks, they were able to cause rejections for Republican ballots, meaning if you voted for Donald Trump and then put your ballot in the machine, your ballot was rejected at a rate of 20% more than Joe Biden ballots.

Demanding a full forensic audit is conducted throughout the entire state of Michigan. Matthew S. DePerno is actively encouraging Michigan people and voters to sign an affidavit that he will post on his website today, which has already been signed by 3,500 Michiganders.

Go to and give support to Matthew DePerno’s legal defense fund to help him continue to fight for election integrity. Yesterday, Deperno had a conversation with Steve Bannon.

They are not only recounting all ballots results in the 2020 Presidential and Senate elections from Maricopa County. They are also reviewing the ballots’ layout and measuring for discrepancies. Finally, the layout of the ballot is a big deal and the auditors in Arizona know it!

We have another example where the printing of the ballots is in error and therefore in question If these ballots are out of sync and we find they are out of sync in Republican precincts only.

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