The Food Truck That Caused A Student Walkout At A High School Is Absolutely Insane…


Students at West Linn High School in West Linn, Oregon, decided to stage a walkout protest after a Chick-fil-A food truck showed up at a home football game.

The booster club had allowed America’s favorite fast-food restaurant to have a food truck at the home games, but the sight of the truck on school property allegedly made some students feel unsafe, causing them to organize the walkout protest.

According to reports, at least 100 students banded together in support of their LGBTQ community, staging a walk-out after a “series of events made students feel unsafe.”

Two recent incidents sparked the protest, including a transgender senior’s car being vandalized with the word “queer” on it and Chick-fil-A being invited as this season’s food vendor for home football games.

Wait what. What the hell does one have to do with another? Do they think you go get a crispy chicken sandwich and they pump it full of transphobic drug serum? Good Lord, this generation is gonna be embarrassingly stupid.

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“We walked out to show our student pride,” Billie Henderson, the student whose car was vandalized, told Oregon Public Broadcasting. “To show that despite everything we’ve been through, we are still proud of who we are, and we won’t back down and we won’t make exceptions for anyone.”

A group of counterprotesters also walked out of classes wearing “Make America Great Again” hats and waving American flags and Chick-fil-A bags, Breitbart News reported.

The school’s principal made an announcement that the school does not support student walkouts as forms of protest — and the school’s public information officer added that the school was not aware of any incidents of harassment against the LGBTQ community. “The West Linn-Wilsonville School District takes all matters of school safety seriously, and diligently investigates and addresses all potential safety concerns,” the officer said. “That includes bullying or cyberbullying.”

These activists won’t make so-called “exceptions” for anyone who doesn’t think and believe exactly as they do — not even for a food truck from Chick-fil-A simply because the owner of the company holds a different opinion than they do.

Instead, they will attempt to bully everyone into supporting their cause under the allegation that, if you don’t, you’ve made them feel unsafe. To the activist, every action committed is a statement about the support or condemnation of their cause. In reality, some of us just want a chicken sandwich.

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