The Number Of People That Viewed Trump’s Big Speech Is Absolutely AMAZING!


You have to wonder what some people have in their head when they say that there is no support for President Trump left.

All you have to do is look at the numbers. Now, it seems that some people had taken the advice of doctors and officials to stay home during CPAC and watch President Trump give his speech.

It certainly was a sight to behold. I have a good bit of property so one of the buildings on the land has a wall that is about 25 feet high. I was able to rig a projector and show it on the side of a wall. Boy, was that cool.

In 2017, President Trump’s inauguration drew an incredible 31 million television viewers.

Yesterday, only one month after Biden’s inauguration, President Trump’s first public speech drew over 31 million on social media. Ironically, Trump has been banned from Facebook and Twitter where millions watched his blockbuster speech.

Trump Advisory Board member Jason Meister shared the news of the incredible viewership numbers for Trump’s speech on social media.

Trump hit on a lot of topics Americans care about, but at the top of the list was election integrity. 62% of CPAC attendees agree the election integrity must be at the top of the list of items they believe is most important to fix.

Compare Trump’s incredible reach with his CPAC speech to the newly elected “President” Biden who campaigned from his basement, yet was able to get 81 million votes in the November election (election integrity comes to mind).  In his most recent address to American workers, a whopping 38K viewers tuned in. Comments have been turned off on all White House videos after Biden’s videos were inundated with mostly negative remarks.

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