The RINO Maryland Governor Just Proved He Has Lost His Mind!


Urging people to “just get the damn vaccine,” Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan announced new vaccination requirements for state employees who work in congregant settings with the vulnerable on Thursday — or else face strict face-covering requirements and regular COVID-19 testing.

The Republican governor said nearly 78% of Maryland adults are fully vaccinated for Covid-19, but that’s not good enough.

He added that the requirements, which will go into effect Sept. 1, will apply to state employees who work in 48 different state facilities. They include 11 state health care facilities and 12 facilities under the Maryland Department of Juvenile Services. They also include six detention centers and 18 correctional facilities, as well as the Charlotte Hall Veterans Home.

“Look, I don’t care what misinformation or conspiracy theories that you have heard. The plain and simple fact is that these vaccines are working,” Hogan said. “If you’re still unsure about the vaccines, here is the important fact for you to consider, nearly every single person hospitalized or dying with Covid-19 in Maryland right now is unvaccinated.”

If his people won’t take the vaccine, the governor is determined to create a new mandate that will close schools and impose lockdowns.

“Those of you who refuse to get vaccinated at this point are willfully and unnecessarily putting yourself and others at risk of hospitalization and death. You are the ones threatening the freedoms of all the rest of us, the freedom not to wear masks, to keep our businesses open, and to get our kids back in school and tragically it may be only a matter of time until you do get COVID-19,” the RINO tyrant said.

“Please, just get the damn vaccine,” he added.

The governor pointed that since May, when Maryland’s statewide mask mandate was lifted, the health department has strongly recommended unvaccinated people wear face coverings indoors and in situations where distancing can’t be maintained. He also noted that businesses and other workplaces across the state can set their policies.

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Sources: The Gateway Pundit, AP News